Monthly Archives: November 2012

A good day today

A good day today, good work, good play, visited with friends, heard live music, hung with the bf, shared a delish dinner. Then drank 2 cups of real coffee with sugar at 10pm Hmmm 2am and I’m officially tired and wired… The Surefire Remedy: Turn all equipment off, lie down in the pitch dark in the dead silence and pay attention to how good the bed feels to my arms, my legs and torso; how good the air feels in my lungs.

Another spidey sense hit, or is it?

I like to keep track of how often my spidey sense is on target, even in small things.  A few days ago I wrote that I’d accurately predicted some events that sidekick Jeremy would encounter at work.  Today he was scheduled to get off after 9:00pm.  As I dropped him off at the office,  I told him I thought they’d cut him loose between 7:00 and 7:15pm.  He called at 6:58pm.

What are you paid to do?

Actor Michael Caine tells a great story of sitting once in between takes on a movie set with a young actor.  The newbie complained about being made to wait, “I get paid to act, not to wait.”  Caine, in his wisdom,  corrected him: “No, as a matter of fact, we are paid to wait.  The acting part of it is just the icing on the cake.”

How I’m spending Black Friday 2012

Last night after I picked Jeremy up from work last night, I was wide awake at 2:00am so I finished labelling and stuffing magazines into the mailers for the December issue of Horizons.   I got them all loaded into my car and then I came inside and prepared the post office paperwork.  First thing this morning, I was halfway through my morning yoga when I remembered it was post office day!  I drove the mags downtown to the bulk mail facility.  On the way home, I stopped by the bank to make a deposit, then at the Malabar Road post office to mail the first class subscriptions.  I picked up paper products at the Big Lots next door.  I went across the street to Walmart for a few more items.  Once home,  I took a lap around the yard to see what plants might benefit the most by some water and set up the sprinkler.  I swept the fallen oak leaves and twigs off the driveway.  I came inside and rearranged my office again.  I’m always on a quest to have less and less in each room.  This way also lets me see more of the courtyard just outside the window.  After I drive JoyBoy to work, I’ll head over the Home Depot and return a case of caulk.  I always buy more than enough and return what I don’t use.  Or maybe I’ll save that for tomorrow and just come home and crash out.  This is my favorite kind of Black Friday.   I don’t need to buy anything.  I’m not rushed to get anywhere.  I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.   Life is good.

My spidey sense calls it once again, or does it?

I was talking to my sidekick yesterday and going over his work schedule.   He got a call in the morning asking if he’d like the day off. He declined since he’s in mega-earning mode for his new recording.  Almost immediately I had a flash that they’d get late calls and those working would be slammed.  I said 10:00pm but he said it began an hour earlier.  I also got that they’d have food brought in.  When I have an instant knowing of something like that, I may go back and try to figure out why it would occur.  In retrospect, it’s logical that after the family has had Thanksgiving dinner and settled down and the dishes are washed, the ladies have time to shop online.  That’s why the calls began after the kids were in bed.  It’s also logical that, being a big company, they may provide a meal for employees working the holiday.  So maybe that’s not spidey sense at all, maybe it’s just spontaneous unconscious deduction…

My Thanksgiving 2012

I woke up early this Thanksgiving morning, put on my fuzzy moccasins, wrapped myself up in my warm bedspread and sat for meditation out at the firepit area.  I tossed in a few oak branches and placed my camping teapot atop the stone overhanging the fire.  It was still dark but after awhile I could see several sets of animal eyes peering out from behind the bush.  One curious young raccoon began walking right up to me, so I shooed him away.  The armadillos walk by blindly, bumping into chairs and boots as they root around in the thickening mulch.  The opossums will steer clear and lurk ringside.  They are all just out for a morning snack.  The woodland critters are free to roam the property, but I have learned to not hand them food. Continue reading

What to do when the moon goes into Pisces

Didja see that huge 2nd quarter moon hanging low on the west horizon out there? The moon went into Pisces at midnight: The next few days, you may feel a heightened sense of empathy. Don’t get overly involved in the problems of others. You do people a favor by not letting them take advantage of your good nature.