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How do you know if you’re done with something or just need a break from it?

 I am so ready to be done with work for the day, and it’s not yet 9:00am. Sometimes I feel done with it all.  Anytime I think that, I really just need a few hours break from all work and everyone I perceive as tugging at me.  In 1998, I thought I was done with living in Melbourne, FL.  That summer I spent a month at my cabin in Murphy, NC.  At the end of the month, I wanted to be back in my Melbourne home again. I’m sure glad I didn’t sell my house and move instead of taking the month up there.  I like lots of space between my molecules, lots of space between one interaction and the next. I was glad I got out of  Melbourne and glad I came back.  I love my yard, it’s like a Disney movie with all the woodland creatures and it’s a cool lil community we have here.

Why not smile anyway?

I was asked if I’d give a fake smile if I was unhappy. I have a different take on “the fake smile.” A smile despite troubles, that’s just understanding that life is going far more well than not, so the smile is for the higher percentage. Also to not emotionally coerce someone into asking what’s wrong to join them in a chain of pain they don’t need to get into. A true friend knows that.  A lot of people misunderstand “fake it til you make it.” It doesn’t mean you’re denying anything, it just means you’re holding the higher thought and since you’re aiming for it, you know to stay focused on it, unwaveringly.

Do you believe in Faeries, elementals (with 20 minute video)

To Domino  The lesson here is our perceptions form our reality and right now I am in the work of helping you learn how to change your perception to help you live a more expanded life.  It’s in our mission statement.
Domino asks: Who actually believes in Faeries, Elementals, etc. Who might have done the research? Do you believe in Faeries? From the standpoint of, for example Reality what we really see, the way the eye works, we’re really seeing a image in our brain. Continue reading

Get away from it all or just get ok with it all

One way to lower your stress level is to get away from it all. Another way is to get ok with it all.   Stress becomes more stressful the more you fight against it. Keep in mind, though, that you don’t have to fight it.  You can actually choose to welcome and accept whatever is going on. As soon as you do, you put yourself in a position of power and control.  By accepting the stressful situation instead of running away or fighting, you give yourself more positive options. You become able to make use of whatever is going on and to direct it toward a worthwhile purpose.  Accepting the presence of a difficult situation does not mean that you’re in favor of it having it continue. It means that you’re ready to clearly see and deal with reality.  Instead of making the stress worse by fighting it, step calmly and confidently forward to make the best of it. Choose not to let it get to you, and you’ll be able to accomplish so very much more.  — Ralph Marston

When the remedy you have offered only increases the disease, then leave him who will not be cured, and tell your story to someone who seeks the truth. (Rumi)

I find the times I have the most exciting things going on, I don’t have time to write about it.  Or else they are part of someone else’s story that is not mine to tell.

Insights after the movie Jolene: knowing when to leave someone so they can become a better person than they could have been with you in it

Jolene Jessica ChastainIt was a long day so I went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 1am. There was a movie on showtime called Jolene about “an orphan who makes her way in the world.” I almost didn’t even look at it since I thought they meant a kid orphan, but no it was a young woman, a sweet and beautiful curly redhead. It ended up being an excellent movie and very synchronisitic. She’d been left to her own devices growing up and was in and out of juvenile detention and then a couple of young marriages. Continue reading

What is your favorite kinnikinnick recipe?

What is your favorite kinnikinnick recipe?  I’ve used this during sacred new moon and full moon ceremonies, as well as on Solstice and Equinox.  I like to add mullein, sassafrass, clove and no more than 1/10 part tobacco to crushed seeds of fennel and cardamon, calamus root, myrhh powder. This makes for a light smoking mixture.  Mullein is an expectorant, as is calamus, as is fennel, and all three aid the lungs in expelling mucous  by allowing it to be coughed up.  If I’m going to be smoking, I want it to be a healthy blend that is a balm for my lungs.  Do not wrap it into a cigarette, use it as loose tobacco, either in a ceremonial pipe or waved onto you while burning on a charcoal.   Here is what Michigan herbalist Jim McDonald has to say: Continue reading

A regular breathing practice is important

Less than 20% of our thoughts are conscious while 80+% are unconscious. One way to quickly bring unconscious thoughts up is by controlled breathing. As you breathe, thoughts come up to be dealt with and you stay with them until they are dissolved and evaporated. Our ability to self-regulate mental and emotional states and flexibly respond to everything around us is controlled by our breathing. We inhibit our breathing as a defense against being fully aware of adverse experiences. We hold our breath as a way of coping with feelings. This leads to a lack of integration of these experiences. Conscious breathing brings these experiences to the surface to allow them to be integrated. You relive the thought, this time breathing through it. Breathing through it allow emotions to change about it. Sustained, focused exploration of body sensations and breathing rhythm leads to a state of expanded consciousness.

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Ma Yogashakti Weekend Retreat June 1-3, 2012

Ma Yoga Shakti, our Mataji

Mataji, Ma Yogashakti, is now in Palm Bay and will conduct  a Retreat from  Friday June 1st through Sunday June 3rd.    She will leave Palm Bay on June 9th.  This will be her last visit. Please pre-register.  All programs will take place at the Yogashakti Mission in Palm Bay, 3895 Hield Rd NW, Palm Bay, FL 32907. Call 321-725 4024 and visit  Come bask in the presence of this holy teacher, whom we are blessed to have among us in the flesh.  I hope to see you there.

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