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Oh happy day

I posted a link on Facebook to Edwin Hawkin singing Oh Happy Day and said, “I love receiving good news. ”  Then I thought, ” Oh heck, I love bad news, too.  ‘sall good, right? Like, if we’re in the midst of God’s will, how can we not rejoice?

If it’s not happy yet, it’s not the end

I just got a neat msg from someone: “I wanted to take a moment to thank you , as you predicted I received an Angel on earth to bring me the information I needed to move on with my problem it happened yesterday again thank you.” I love happy endings. Oh, and if it’s not happy yet, it’s not the end.

What does it matter if it’s come before? Love is the river

Domino asked, “What am I supposed to think?   I met Brad when he began a week long affair with my roommate, the married Tina.  When Tina came home 3 days later, she told me she’d found her soul mate, they spent the whole weekend talking about spirituality, they’re madly in love and she told her husband she wanted a divorce.  By the 8th day, Brad told her they’d made a mistake.  Their first conversations were about how much she wanted to work things out with her husband and Brad’s thoughts kept going back to that.  Tina felt hurt and played.  So what am I supposed to think,” Domino asked me, “now that Brad has been coming around and saying to me the same things Tina told me he said to her?  You said sometimes your heart opens wide for one person and another falls into it, is that what happened for him?  Is this a rebound, is this his M.O.?   What am I supposed to think?”   Continue reading

The American dream: What does it look like to you and how does it relate to today’s events?

My good buddy Dominick Durso says, “So Andrea, you ask many questions of those on your Facebook wall,  I have one . What is the American dream?  How does it relate to today’s events, describe what it looks like to you.  Is it relevant?  If you please?”  To me, the American dream looks pretty much like the life I’m living.  I’ve worked all my life and keep educating myself so I can change careers when one stops working.  I love the work I do and the people I come in contact with.  Every day is a joy.    Everyone has a different view of “today’s events.”  To me, today’s events are tending my garden since a good rain is here, doing my billing and answering the questions of everyone who calls or emails.  To me, today’s events are I’ll take my aunt to the market and see if she can find fresh produce that pleases her.  I’ll give my uncle a pedicure because he needs one and I’m thinking of baking a peach pie for my cousin since he’s done the heavy lifting this week.

I know you’re not asking me about Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Melbourne, because all I’m interested in is occupying NOW.  When I fully occupy NOW, the Now moment, where I am right now, with whoever is in front of me, that is when my life unfolds in magical ways, ways that let me know I live apart from the world that stays glued to the news and worries about problems half way across town, or across the globe.  What is mine to do is put right in front of me.  What is mine to do will be persons placed in my path for good or bad, for pleasure or pain, for a blessing or a lesson and I have enough causes of my own to occupy my mind, than to take up the cause of fighting against Wall Street or the war or whatever someone else may see as “today’s events.”

My fave childhood pal Wally

I just got off the phone with my most favorite of all childhood friends, Wally.  We both grew up on East 27th Street, me at 10th Ave and he at 8th, 2 blocks closer to Hialeah Race Track.  We went all through school together.   When I wanted to sneak out of the house, Wally would come pick me up on his motorcycle.  My folks trusted Wally, he could do no wrong 🙂   We spent years out of touch.  Then when I first moved up to Melbourne in 1983 and was suddenly feeling homesick for Miami and wondering “WTF have I done?”  I called Wally in the middle of the night and he drove right up and spent a few days and our fun adventure helped me feel at home here.  He now has a home in Sebastian, just 45 minutes from me.  He’s a weird duck like me.  While I’m reclusive, he’s elusive.   I’m glad we staying in touch now on a regular basis.

Rest in Peace, Wally

People take different roads

“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness.  Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.” ~Dalai Lama

Would you rather have an ad or a monthly column?

Last month, a prospective client called wanting ad info and I created a few sample ads for her.  We go back and forth with them for a week, maybe 8 hours of work going into it, then she writes, “I’d rather have a monthly column than an ad, so it doesn’t cost me.”  Well, of course you would.