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                                                                               Janice Scott-Reeder, AA, BA, Druid

                              Abraham is a group of nonphysical teachers,        Licensed Psychic, Astrologer, Broward County, FL
                              speaking their broader  perspective through     Master Tarotist, Hypnotherapist, Psychometry, Spirit Contact
                              Esther Hicks.    Author of Ask & It Is Given,    954-698-6926  (Coconut Creek 33073)
                              The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, The       Facebook: CosmicSalamander or CosmicJanice
                              Vortex, Where Law of Attraction Assembles
                              All Cooperative Relationships and NY Times
                              Best Seller, Money and the Law of Attraction,

                     FIXING A CURRENT

            QUESTION "I want to manifest a better relationship
            with my husband, and my problem is I can't imagine
            him the way that I would like him to be.   I can
            imagine what I want, but the thing is, I can't
            imagine him being that, so I think I get to this place                    Kim Danbert
            where I'm afraid to go to the vortex and imagine                     Spiritual Counseling • Phone Readings
            that relationship, and then he won't be there                      PSYCHIC-MEDIUM TAROLOGIST
            anymore."                                                            35 years experience  321 752-4218
            ABRAHAM-HICKS  Well, we understand that, but you don't
            want that version of him there anyway. What you just said to
            us is, 'I've created a dream version of a relationship, and when
            I look back at the reality that I've got, they don't match up,
            but I'm afraid that if I stay focused upon my dream reality,
            that that will go away.' And we say, 'It will. And you want it to.'  Kornucopia      386-963-4898
            "Well, but I don't want him to go away."              12093 CR 137 • Wellborn, FL 32094
            We're not talking about that.                         Tues thru Fri 10am - 5pm, Saturdays 10am - 3pm
            "Okay."                                               Antiques, Vintage Collectibles, Chime Candles,
                                                                  Sage, Incense, Tarot Cards,  Jewelry, Books, More
            But, you see how hung up on the manifestation you are? That's
            exactly what we're talking about. The current manifestation
            is more active in your vibration than what's in your vortex of
            "I'm really afraid that he's gonna go away, if I stay in the   Spiritual & Blissful Facials with 100% natural products
            vortex with what I really want."                      Working with our Archangels offering wonderful and relaxing
            Listen to the conflict that's going on within you.    facials. An Archangel will be at your side any time you ask,
            "Yea."                                                 as well as during our time together.
                                                                  Natural products  available.
            'I want this. I don't want this. But I'm afraid that- There are   Call Monica at HarMoni
            parts of that I do want.' And we say, There is much that he   718 – 213-1134 By appointment only
            offers that's in your vortex. So, if you focus upon what you
            desire, then the universe will yield to you what you desire.

            Let us show you. Let us demonstrate something. You'll
            really like this. So, let's say that your husband has ten   ANGEL PSYCHIC
            dominant characteristics. Personality traits. Behavior traits.   “The Psychic Psychics Go To”
            And let's say that one of them… Let's say that two of them…   1-323-466-3684
            Let's say that one of them… is delightful.
                                                                       True Answers + Real Results
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