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THIS MONTH’S                         You know when I could tell the cats and I were all vibing in a
                                                                 good place? I was working at the computer with Sam in the In
                               THOUGHTS                          Box next to me when Benny comes in and jumps up behind
                                                                 me. He sees Sam, MROWWWWW!!!!! and jumps down. Sam,
                                                                 agile slinky dancer that he is, pirouetted across my desk,
                                   ABOUT                         somehow bypassing a full cup of hot tea, a full glass of cold
                                                                 tea and a glass jar full of pens. NOTHING SPILLED!
                                 THINGS...                       We can dance thru life that way if we keep our thoughts in

                                                                 a happy and hopeful place.  We’re going to be walking this
                                 “In the company of one who is living   road until the day we die. We can walk it happy and hopeful
            Andrea de Michaelis  Love, you can’t help but spring into   or we can dread every step and spoil the trip for those around
                                                                 us with our pouty pessimistic attitude.
                                 that Love.”  - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
             Publisher in 2016
                                                                 Here is an excerpt from an email reading. I’ve learned that
            Hello and welcome to the August 2017 edition of      anytime one person asks me a question, there are a dozen
            Horizons Magazine.  I’ve got a new cat and have been   asking the same. Maybe there's a tidbit in here for you.
            detailing his antics on Facebook. Both cats have been stay-
            ing in at night. Sam runs in and out a few times while Gentle   A friend writes, “I met a nice guy, we’ve been out 6 times in
            Ben snoozes on his perch in the glider rocker. They got into it   the last month. He never checks his phone when we’re to-
            a few times when Ben caught Sam ottering up to sniff him as   gether, so I know he compartmentalizes his time. He went on
            he slept. I didn't shout or intervene. I forgot that's how cats   a scheduled trip for a family reunion last week and I’ve not
            get to know each other, stalking and play hunting each other.   heard from him since. I sent a text saying let me know when
            They have to learn to sort it out themselves, discover each   you get there. What is up with his silences? How do I draw him
            others' boundaries. Just like us. And just the same as with   closer – and how do I work with my own stressors to not proj-
            humans, as soon as I BUTTED OUT, they worked it out and   ect that onto him.”
            began getting along.                                                          ...continued on page 29...

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                                                                    Sept 30 and October 1, 2017
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                                                                               Orlando Mystic Faire

                                                                           Osceola Heritage Park
                                                                             1875 Silver Spur Lane

                                                                             Kissimmee, FL 34744

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