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                                       WE ARE NEVER ALONE

                                   Excerpted from Angels by Marie-Ange   offer yourself a happy fate. Let them guide you. And, most
                                   Faugerolas © 2015 by Marie-Ange   importantly: ask, solicit, pray. The angels will answer every
                                   Faugerolas.                   one of your calls.

                                                                     HOW DO WE FEEL AN ANGEL IS NEARBY?
            Contrary to popular belief, we aren’t born alone and
            we don’t die alone. The birth angels accompany us    The coming of an angel brings about a feeling of lightness,
            throughout the entirety of our existence. They are   of joy, and of a spirit teeming with projects. Oftentimes, the
            assisted by the guardian angels who lean over our cradles just   angels begin to mani-
            after our birth.                                     fest through pleasant
                                                                 physical and emotional
            These guardian angels don’t intervene directly in our lives but   sensations.
            rather content themselves by watching over our actions and
            gestures with a protective gaze. When we solicit them, they   Once someone is ac-
            come running to our rescue.                          customed to these
                                                                 sensations, they can
            We can also invoke particular angels in situations that call for   appear in dreams, in
            a specialized angel. God entrusted guardian angels with a mis-  visions, and then in
            sion of accompaniment. They honor it with conscientiousness   physical encounters.
            and promptness. The people who don’t think about angels,
            who never solicit them, or quite simply don’t believe in them,   Whatever their ways
            are even so accompanied by celestial messengers.     of communicating may
                                                                 be, they will bring
                                                                 the happiness and
            Guardian angels don’t interfere in the existence of a protected
            person. But when we solicit their assistance directly, the an-  certitude of not being
            gels prove themselves more efficient. They can even accom-  alone.
            plish miracles.
                                                                 Angels accompany hu-
                                                                 mans throughout their
            On numerous occasions, I have called on the angels in dramatic
            personal situations. The angels quickly intervened and trans-  existence. They don’t
            formed my life. Angelic experiences are truly mind-blowing.   judge their actions and
            Don’t be afraid to call on celestial messengers. They are at   are compassionate for
            your service. They are the divine voice and light, the divine   their past mistakes.
            love. Make use of their competence. Use their powers and
                                                                 They are guides toward the future and infallible protectors.
                                                                 We can invoke them to obtain comfort in times of personal
             Spiritual Services with                             crisis or when confronted with sentimental or professional
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                               Release Weight,                   The coming of an angel is an event that can happen at any
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