July 2016

Final Freedom For The Souls Who Transitioned 6-12-16 In Orlando, FL

Final Freedom For The Souls Who Transitioned 6-12-16 Orlando, FL

Welcome to the July 2016 issue of Horizons Magazine. I’ve lost many family members and never thought of it as unfair or untimely. It’s just a part of life and I’ve learned that death of the physical body is not the end.

As hard as it is, we have to get used to death. God would not stop an acorn from growing into an oak, nor a tadpole from becoming a frog. Would we keep a toddler in kindergarden or a 6th grader in elementary school? No, we let them graduate to the next phase in the process, so they can continue to learn and grow and become more of what they are meant to be.

Remember that “we” survive after death of the physical body. “We” survive in consciousness after the change called death. Loved ones are never gone, they’ve just stepped into a nearby room. There is now a thin wall between you and them. In quiet times, you will be able to hear and speak through this wall and you will come to know there is no “death.” There is simply moving on to the next dimension.You were meant to know each other in the flesh for only so many years. Move forward with those around you here, now, in this lifetime.

Your loved one is moving on. You’ll hear from them soon, in a dream, in a thought, you’ll have undeniable evidence of their presence. You will experience many “deaths” in your lifetime. What matters is how you live your life afterward, how you move on. Don’t let it get you down. I figure whatever happens is God’s will and, if it’s God’s will, then I must rejoice in it all.

There will always be tragic and sad things happening. There is always so much more good happening than bad. There will always be troubled people who harm. There are always so many more good people than bad. We just have to look for them. We always find what we look for. I look for the good. I look for the silver lining. I look for the helpers.

We freak out about death because we think it’s the end. We don’t know what comes after, so our thought is stuck on oh, no, death! They’re gone! It’s like any other goal. If we’re to demystify it, we have to imagine ourselves on the other side of it.

This is what we do in meditation, it is a daily separation of consciousness from the body. We transcend our awareness of the physical body and brain and find ourselves, maybe just for a split second, in a place of clear consciousness, abundantly free and completely aware of our surroundings as an observer. As you continue to experience that during daily meditation, you lose your fear of “death” since you’ve discovered how to move between the worlds, so to speak, between being the one who is in the body and the one who exists beyond the body.

When this happens, you no longer weep for the death of the caterpillar — you’re excited for what comes next, for the butterfly on its way. In the overall scheme of things, this one life is just a moment in time. Every loved one who disappears from it during your lifetime, you’ll see again, I assure you.

Despite being married five times — three of them passed — I’ve tended to be a solitary person, learning to not let my happiness depend on another person. The first deaths crushed me, so I asked Spirit to let me see it in a way that was free of pain. Asking within attracts answers. I was always focused upon my own happiness, so I always had interests and activities outside the relationship. The first time, one person had been everything to me for years. I was devastated and lost without him. I never let that happen again. I never let one person be my world again.

Instead, via meditation, a new world opened up and revealed itself to me. I began to find supreme satisfaction and joy in a lot of small, subtle things. Relationship with any one person was less and less on the agenda as I began to feel “in relation-ship” with every thing and every one around me. Deaths of loved ones affected me less and less as I came to understand that “death” is not the end.

I read books on “life after death” and before meditation would ask to be guided to other people and books who could answer my questions. I read books by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Raymond Moody, Dannion Brinkley, Bill Guggenheim, now you can read Eben Alexander, Stephen Levine, and Annie Kagan’s The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. Knowledge is power.

Once I heard first person accounts of what came after “death,” I realized “life” did not stop when the physical body dropped. When I was able to envision what life “after” death was like, it stopped being this giant scary wall and I stopped freaking out when friends died. I would later come to realize all that happened was that they dropped temporarily out of my range, like a radio signal that would get clearer as I turned the dial via meditation. In meditation, I’d learn how to tune in to connect with them again.

In meditation, I step into that easy flow of pure awareness that everything around me — despite appearances — is in perfect order and as it should be. In meditation, I step into the awareness of the big picture, where although this life is a just a moment in time in the overall scheme of existence, it can be an immensely fulfilling and meaningful life. All I have to do is — via daily meditation — begin to step into it that stream by quieting my mind, breathing consciously, and asking for the experience of separating my consciousness from my body. If you’ve had even a glimpse of the experience before, bring that experience to mind. If you’ve read of someone’s experience, bring that experience to mind. Imagine how it would feel to be awake and aware in the moment, free of the body.

Making yourself think these thoughts and bring these things to mind is a visualization exercise that will make you begin to resonate in harmony with having the experience of separation of your consciousness from your body. The moment you relax enough to release any conscious or unconscious resistance, you’ll have the experience. Keep breathing through it, slowly and steadily. Keep your main focus on your breath, no matter what other images or experiences flash around you. Maintaining your breath is what keeps you dialed into the frequency of that channel, so to speak. Lose focus of your breath and you’ll lose the signal, but bring it back and you’ll drift back into it.

Here’s a process.

1. Sit upright in a position that allows you to relax.
2. Recall in detail any prior experience you or someone else had of existing outside the body.
3. Breathe naturally, slowly and steadily, keeping your focus on your breath.
4. As thoughts and images rise and fall, stay focused on your breath while you observe them peripherally.
5. When you begin having the experience,
the longer you can stay focused on your breath, the longer it will last.

Enjoy our offering this month. Hari Om.

June 2016

Hello and welcome to the June 2016 issue of Horizons Magazine. This month we have articles on the Near Dear Experience (NDE) by P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., Scott Taylor, PhD and Bill Guiggenheim, who will all be speakers at the International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS) Conference July 28-31 in Orlando, FL. See their articles, the ad on page 8 and www.neardeathconference.com for info

Why bother loving if everyone dies?

A young friend wrote, “It feels like the happy endings in the world are fake. I can’t help going into 2016 wondering which one of my loved ones is going to die next. In 2014 my brother died, and in 2015 my dad died. Maybe this is no way to live my life, but at the age of 24 I’ve learned that getting attached to anyone is pointless since I will eventually be left.”

I feel for him. My dad was a suicide, so was my younger brother and, later, more friends and acquaintances than I care to count. I was in my 20’s when loved ones began dying. It made me question the point of life at all. It sent me into a very contemplative stage and also kept me at arms’ distance from those around me. In my 60 years I have learned that everyone will die, and most supposedly good friends will betray you. What saves my sanity is to love them anyway. From a distance, sure and I get heck for that but it’s no less a love. Loving is one thing. Being attached is another.

It took me half a lifetime to learn things for myself, and one of the most comforting things I learned was that we survive in consciousness after the change called death. Once I learned that, my outlook on life, my entire world changed. That set me on the mission to help others discover what I discovered. I introduce them to meditation and we talk about different ways to perceive connection and receive information and guidance from within.

My young friend identifies as an atheist, and we’ve never had the talk about what that means. His parents have deep connection to spirit in a Buddhist kind of way. He was raised to revere Nature and to me, that’s connection.

For me, I had an experience early on where I felt connected to something greater than I. I would identify that now as connecting to God but at the time I wasn’t using words like God and I avoided anything to do with religion. I found I could take myself into the Now moment with whatever I found in front of me, and I could contemplate it so intensely that I felt a connection begin to flow. As that connection began to flow, as I stayed focused and breathed myself into the image and experience before me, I’d begin to receive information and later guidance.

What I discovered helped me be more informed in making decisions. That led to me living a much more fun, happier and expanded life. As I discovered more of what was possible for me, I wanted everyone to know what I knew. Part of what I knew was that we survive physical death. That set me on what would become my mission, although I didn’t think of it at that time.

I told my friend, “Give yourself time, write out your feelings even if no one reads it but you. You are working through this.”

My young friend is a master of shapeshifting and transformation whether he recognizes it right now or not. The pressure cooker of his life has been transforming the broken bones and marrow of his life into a rich stew that is nourishing him on his journey. He doesn’t need to know it all right now, or any of it. When he’s curious enough to take a next step, he’ll ask within to be guided to understanding.

He’s on his way to discovering a mission that will soon enough spark his interest and begin to call him in a very real way. Even now his work puts him in daily contact with young people who are also troubled and questioning and undergoing personal transformation. There is never a mistake that we are around those we are around. We are all there to learn from each other. Sometimes we’re there to teach, but we all learn.

My mission is to help people know that we survive in consciousness after we “die.” Knowing this freed me of deep grief when I’d lose friends and family. It helped me enter into loving relationships, even though I knew it would end in death of the body.

It helped me understand that the deep relationships did not have to end. The conversations did not even have to end. The learning and discovering and the having of an expanded, comfortable and emotionally content and even joyous life did not have to end.

How to forgive and find closure if the other is unwilling, absent or dead

It doesn’t matter if someone is alive or dead, where the issue lives is in our consciousness, and we are the ones who control our perceptions there. My process is pretty standard.

1. Place a chair across from you. In your mind’s eye, imagine sitting across from you anyone with whom you do not feel total alignment or support.

2. Imagine an infinite source of Love and healing flowing into the top of your head and fill up the body, and overflow out your heart to heal the person in the chair before you.

3. Have a discussion with them. Tell them anything you want them to know. Remember they did the best they could under the conditions at that time. You don’t know what struggles they were going through. Imagine them responding to you as you would like to be responded to and understood.

4. Forgive them. Tell them you’re sorry for your part in whatever happened, and ask them to forgive you. Thank them for their part in your life. Tell them you love them and mean it. “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I forgive you, thank you.”

5. Imagine standing up with the person before you. With a hand swipe motion, cut the cords between you. All past issues are now dissolved. Imagine the person walking away as you feel love and forgiveness for them.

God would not stop an acorn from growing into an oak, nor a tadpole from becoming a frog

Everyone drops their body, it’s part of life. Why is death deemed tragic and why would God allow it to happen? It’s not tragic, it’s just the cycle of Life, so why should God prevent any of it? We’re all going to die. We simply need to know it’s nothing to fear and that it’s not the end. What a caterpillar calls death, we call a butterfly.

Would He intervene to prevent the caterpillar from becoming a butterfly? Would he keep a tadpole from becoming a frog? Would he stop an acorn from growing into an oak? Would he prevent hot water from becoming steam, or
cold water from freezing? These are just natural changes and it is no different than our own transition from one state of being to another. It’s just a change. Would we keep a toddler in kindergarden or a 6th grader in elementary school? No, we let them graduate to the next phase in the process, so they can continue to learn and grow and become more of what they are meant to be. That’s all death is: going from one form to another. Enjoy our offering this month. Hari Om.

May 2016

Hello and welcome to the May 2016 edition of Horizons Magazine.  This month we have articles on the Near Dear Experience (NDE) by Anita Moorjani, Suzanne Giesemann, Laurin Bellg, M.D. and Maggie Callanan, who will all be speakers at the International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS) Conference July 28-31 in Orlando, FL. See their articles, the ad on page 8 and go to www.neardeathconference.com for info

It’s comforting to know we get  more than one lifetime

Sometimes I forget who I’m talking to. I was in the yard and a neighbor stopped to chat. She explained her head scarf was because she was losing her hair from chemo. I said “Modern medicine is amazing.” She said her prospects were not good. I said, “Then it’s great we have more than just one life, so when one body wears out we get another and another, lifetime after lifetime.” She stared at me and asked, “Where on earth did you get such an idea?” “Oh, it’s the only thing that makes sense.” I said. “It gets interesting when we wake up and realize that we are all part of something bigger and we all get never-ending lifetimes to do it all in. Think about it.”

In the work I do, my experience is we exist in our consciousness — in our mind — which is why “we” don’t die when the body and brain dies. “We” don’t have to have a body in order to exist and be productive. CAN YOU DIG IT? Would God intervene to prevent the caterpillar from becoming a butterfly, a tadpole from becoming a frog? Would He stop an acorn from tearing apart in order to grow into an oak?

The surface shell dies away, our essential self remains alert and conscious inside, ready to awaken into the next dream.

What would happen if God kept the little seeds intact so the Mother oak didn’t watch all her seeds split apart and crumble into mulch? We’d never see the glory of another oak.

We do not die, the body may drop but we awaken into a new day. “We” don’t have to have a body in order to exist and be productive. “We” exist apart from the body. Just as a favorite shirt becomes tattered and worn and finally wears out and we have to discard it, just so we discard this body when it’s time, and we wake up into a new day.

A call to Lightworkers to hold the vision of the political candidates’ awakening

In this election season and in particular today where mass consciousness emotions are high, I am calling out to Lightworkers and Vision Keepers to tap into that emotion and channel it in a positive direction. I’m asking you to hold the vision with me of awakened, compassionate candidates in the race. If you feel someone dangerous is on the rise to political power, pray for his awakening and know that when many minds are gathered together with vision in prayer, miracles happen. It’s been said that when just 1% of the population meditates upon peace and lovingkindness, the effect spreads to the other 99% – and it works even if they don’t believe it. Here’s how we can help.

I know my centered-ness, my vision and my hopeful expectation can hold the space for others around me to tune into. My experience is if even one focused person can contemplate the scene and have faith in a successful outcome, that can entrain the consciousness of everyone, whether they are aware of it or not.

We can help bring that about by how we look at each candidate, how we perceive them, how we perceive what they are doing and how we perceive what grand good they may be capable of.  And I mean how we perceive not their physical, personality self, but how we perceive each at his/her essence. How we perceive each candidate separate from the overlay of any past history, hateful rhetoric and mean spirited jabs.

Why hold a vision of an awakened, compassionate Trump, for instance?  Because he’s getting into politics and he has the means to make things happen. Yes, right now they are self-serving, mean and unconscionably hateful things but if this man becomes powerful on the political scene, just imagine the amount of good he could do if he had a change of heart?

That’s why lightworkers and visionkeepers can hold a vision of his having an awakening, a compassionate softening of his heart due to new understanding dawning in him. If he’s on the rise to political power, pray for his awakening and know that when many minds are gathered together with vision in prayer, miracles happen.

It does not matter what is going on in the rest of the world, we can chose to focus our thoughts and discipline our behaviors so much that we can have an excellent and prosperous life no matter who is in office, no matter what the official state of the economy, no matter what the scientists or environmentalists say is happening around us.


Enjoy our offering this month.

Hari Om.

April 2016

The Hopeful Palm of Trump

The Hopeful Palm of Trump

Hello and welcome to the April 2016 edition of Horizons Magazine. You know, it does not matter what’s going on in the rest of the world, we can chose to focus our thoughts in a way that attracts to us exactly what we want in our lives. We can change our thoughts and discipline our behaviors so much that we can have an excellent and prosperous life no matter who is in office, no matter what the official state of the economy, no matter what the scientists or environmentalists say is happening around us.

Am I moving out of the country if Trump is elected? No, because I have the power!

Move out of the country? This kind of made me giggle. There’s no reason to give anyone that much power over me and my happiness. As far as I can see, nothing will change with me and my happy life no matter who’s in office. If for some reason I’m unable to do what I now do for income, I’ll find something else to do. If for some reason I can no longer live where I’m living, I’ll find somewhere else to live. I don’t need to know ahead of time HOW these things are going to come about. I just need to have the expectation and belief they will.

I have faith everything will work out since that’s always been my experience. My desire to thrive in whatever condition I find myself in taps me in to my intuition and moves me forward toward solutions. I’m always on the lookout for solutions and fun ways of being and guess what? I always find them because I know I’ve got the power. The power to focus on what needs to be done in the moment and the power to stick with it until it’s done. And the power to choose to love it (or at least find harmony with it) at every stage along the way, no matter who is elected.

Palmistry: The Hopeful Thumb of Donald Trump

Look at those hands, are they small hands?” Yes, they look like small hands to me, but this isn’t about that. Small hands, short fingers, we know hand size/penis size doesn’t always match but how about the palmistry of Trump? If he’s a contender, for office, it’s good know what we’re working with and believe it or not, there’s hope.  Those with small hands tend to think big and delegate. While his stiff hand shows a rigid personality, of note to me is that Trump has the flexible thumb. That means he can be flexible and he can flip flop, but I feel that bodes well for him being flexible if he makes it into public office. The flexible thumb is a good indicator of readiness to accept and adapt to challenges and fluctuations in life. Although currently mis-guided, he’s a very passionate and driven individual and it’s possible his passion and vision can be harnessed and channelled to do good. Help me hold that vision?

On April 20, 2016, the planet Uranus moves into his 9th house of philosophy — the search for meaning. It may very well be that Trump will have an awakening and a change of heart and mind to see that compassionate and inclusive changes take place. It may very well be that an awakened Donald Trump is not the scary monster that he appears to be now.  I say this so we can stop fearing him and turn our thoughts to the best possible “what if” and pre-pave that instead. I’ll bet with group effort, whether you call it visualization, spellcasting or prayer, we can pre-pave an awakening in consciousness for Trump.

Remember to only wish for him what you wish for us all.

During Uranus through the 9th house, lasting about 7 years, one may experience a transformation in matters relating to goals, religious beliefs and personal philosophy. There may be radical and unexpected changes. New insights are stimulated. This is a period of great and thorough revolution in understanding. If the worst case scenario happens, I’m still hopeful. Hey, silver linings, right? I ask you to hold the vision with me of an awakened, compassionate Trump. We can help bring that about by how we look at him, how we perceive him, how we perceive what he’s doing and how we perceive what grand good he may be capable of.

Why hold a vision of an awakened, compassionate Trump? Because he’s getting into politics and he has the means to make things happen. Yes, right now they are self-serving, mean and unconscionably hateful things but if this man becomes powerful on the political scene, just imagine the amount of good he could do if he had a change of heart? That’s why lightworkers and visionkeepers can hold a vision of his having an awakening, a compassionate softening of his heart due to new understanding dawning in him. If he’s on the rise to political power, pray for his awakening and know that when many minds are gathered together with vision in prayer, miracles happen.

A friend asked why I’m not freaked about the election. Easy, I don’t watch the news. I pay attention to what’s in front of me right now in my own life. A lot of stuff freaks us out when we believe we only have one life to get it right or get it done.

I guess I figure everyone who reads my pages is into some kind of personal development or self improvement path, whether they count it as a spiritual practice or not. Or they at least understand the concept of being on a personal path. I figure we on some level all vibe the same or we wouldn’t know of each other. So I figure like me, most have a daily practice of introspection about why I do and say and act and react as I do, especially if something riles me. I figure like me, most have a daily practice of meditation or contemplation or quiet time to have thoughts bubble up and to process and disburse them. Maybe it’s just saying nightly prayers and morning gratitudes.

And if they do not have a daily practice, then our readers at least understand on some level the concept what it is to have a personal daily practice. I know a lot of people “aren’t into it” but I figure whoever reads Horizons or my blog or Facebook page  is either into it or gets it. I’ve got a pretty easy and drama free life so there are no ongoing challenges. But I certainly go through my unconscious times where I am critical or feel the need to shame someone when they fail to meet my expectations. Evolution is that more and more I catch myself and do better the next time. That’s why they call it practice.

How do you live in the same house and attract a different experience than your roomie?

It’s not so much what we’re DOING that determines what we attract, it’s what WE THINK ABOUT what we’re doing.   Maybe he listens to tv news and worries about the economy. Maybe you garden and build birdhouses and walk the dog. Maybe he’s worried he might lose his job, go bald, have a heart attack. Maybe you wonder what to cook for dinner. Maybe you remember it somehow all works out. It’s not so much what we’re doing that determines what we attract, it’s WHAT WE THINK ABOUT what we’re doing, WHAT WE THINK ABOUT  the life we’re living.

Learn to say No

It’s hard to say no but you have to learn to do it, for your own sanity. A friend is feeling overwhelmed with family responsibilities. She feels everyone is grabbing at her and not giving her a moment to breathe. She feels she is obligated to be the caretaker, the bank, the therapist. I’ve been there and learned that I do a disservice to loved ones when I agree to take on something I am not qualified to take on. I have no sense of guilt or shame about turning down someone’s request if I know it is not in the best interest of either of us. I asked her if the money did not matter, would she say yes? I asked her if the money did not matter, would her loved one be even talking to her? I am not saying do not help those who ask, her situation has been long standing for years with several family members taking serious advantage of her. She is not the type to speak up mostly because she is made to feel guilty and ashamed for “not helping enough.” It has drained her physically so that she now has several chronic ailments. It has drained her emotionally and mentally so she can no longer hold a job.

Sometimes I don’t want anyone tugging, needing, pulling, poking, asking, manipulating, knudging, interrupting, expecting, demanding, obligating, wondering, invading, silencing, questioning, bothering, engaging, or even embracing me. I don’t get to that place often but when I do, I know I need to detach and allow myself the absolute silence and peaceful solitude necessary to become balanced once again. Sometimes it feels selfish but I know that it is necessary for me to be me at my best. You must learn to say no, your life depends upon it.

Keep an eye out for the dollars

Here’s a fun way to exercise your creative visualization. Found money is one way the Universe likes to surprise us when we’re in the flow. Look at the bills in the image. See them

against the white background.

  1. Now see them on the floor in your closet.
  2. Now see them in the pocket of a coat.
  3. Now see them under the socks in your dresser.
  4. Now see them in that secret side pocket in your wallet,

or in the glove compartment.

  1. See them on the floor of your garage.
  2. See them on the side of the roadway on your morning walk.
  3. See them on the floor at the grocery and on the ground at the gas station.

Keep an eye out for them. Give it a few days. Report back where it showed up. You can also do this with a lost object. Imagine seeing it in a few different settings, then begin searching then staying on lookout for it. We find what we seek. Enjoy our offering this month.

Hari Om.

March 2016

Hello and welcome to the March 2016 Horizons Magazine. Final layout took me a little longer this month because I am resting my right arm and doing everything with the left. I’ve been foregoing a lot of daily chores such as cleaning, cooking. Basically anything not related to getting the magazine out was set aside for two weeks. After layout, I did a little bit of vacuuming, a little bit of laundry, ran the dishwasher, stripped the beds, and I did it in stages so it didn’t feel like I was doing too much all at once. So I was back and forth from the computer to cleaning all day long. I finally fell asleep crashed in the recliner and I awoke two hours later to go into bed. When I turned the light on, I was delighted to see the room was clean and straight. I’d forgotten I’d cleaned it, plus I’d even moved the bed so it was facing a new way! It took me a moment in my half sleep to get the pillows moved enough so I could get under the covers, but I fell sound asleep within moments. When I woke up, I was a little disoriented with the bed being turned around. As I began walking toward the bathroom I was actually walking toward a large full size mirror which reflected the entire room back to me. But I did not immediately recognize it as a mirror, it just looked as though I was walking into another room. A room that I could not see where the bathroom door was.

Thankfully, there was someone walking toward me so I could ask her where the bathroom door was. Except what was somebody doing in my bedroom at 4:00 a.m.? She kind of looked like my mom except she was way too tall and her hair was white instead of black. She didn’t look any more awake than I felt. Then I noticed she had one of my night shirts on. Then I thought I was waking in a lucid dream because I recognized her as being me. What I didn’t recognize was that I was facing the wrong way and walking toward the mirror which I probably would have walked into if I hadn’t tripped over Benny the Cat on the rug at my feet. It made me wonder how many other parts of my life am I half sleep walking around, gathering incorrect impressions and then basing future thoughts, ideas and plans around these incorrect perceptions? Often I am no less asleeps in my waking life than I am when I’m slumbering.

tarot 3 cards on purpleSOMETIMES I REALLY DIG A QUICKIE
I haven’t had time to formally schedule everyone who wants an appointment, so I’ve been having fun with Facebook friends doing some rapid fire one card tarot readings. I ask them to give me a number between 1 and 3 and think of a situation in their life right now. I shuffle the cards and choose their number card and give a one card tarot interpretation. The Universe always knows who needs to hear what, although I may not know that. I can get so much from one card if I look deeply into it. I asked them to give
feedback if they found their reading relevant. I got excellent feedback, here is some of it:

I wanted to thank you again. Your reading LITERALLY touched on every question I have in life right now, AND confirmed what I KNEW was the main source of my loss in positive energy. It’s doing wonders for me – in less than 24 hours!!! Thank you for spreading your gift to many that may have not been able to seek guidance otherwise.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! The reading you just did for me was SO on point that I’m afraid people that are too close to me will see it if I respond saying how on point it is!

Thank you Andrea! i received WAY more than expected!
It is very good, describes my situation with my father.
Best spontaneous reading I have had. I’m feeling connected.

The Universe most certainly spoke to me ..thank you for being there for the conversation.

Thank you so much ..everything here is exactly what needs to be heeded. I appreciate the help in refocusing priorities and staying strong of spirit and in Spirit .

Thank you, Andrea! I’ve been feeling nervous about the next step. This card is soothing! Many helpful insights.

If you’d like a quick one card reading, I’ll do it via email or Facebook for a donation of $10, see info at http://horizonsmagazine.com/sessions-with-andrea-2/ and Paypal to horizonsmagazine@aol.com. You’ll receive a 400-500 word detailed interpretation covering the areas of work, love, finances, health and spirituality.


Friends ask how I can be so uninterested in politics and so calm in the face of what’s going on. I guess because I’m busy attending to “what’s going on” in my own life. I had a very vivid dream last month of Bernie Sanders being president. In the dream, I wondered how he made it beyond the primaries due to the nature of the electoral system. As I had that thought, a classroom chalkboard appeared where someone stood writing equations. The chalk board had at the top the words Common Core Math. I took that to mean that there would be something different about counting the votes during that election, like there would be a new way to figure it. Two weeks later, another dream. I don’t know what happened in Iowa and I don’t even know how the whole process works nor even the correct campaign/ caucus/ debate lingo. But I had the Bernie Sanders dream a second time where he was President. No one seemed outraged and mass chaos did not break out.

My experience is there’s something out there greater than I that has it all under control. We’re all free to choose what to believe. I believe in what I myself have experienced. My experience is that this (something) is responsive to me, has my well being in mind and is activated by my attention and by my intention. My experience is that my hopeful thoughts on behalf of friends and family somehow have a hand in impacting their experience. Some would say that’s God working through prayer. Some would say the Universe is responding to my intention and affirmations. Some would say it’s Destiny, that there’s no cause and effect to my actions.

I’m a scientific gal. I have to experience something myself numerous times before I believe there’s a cause and effect to what I do. Anything I can do, you can do. My most powerful tool is my focused intention. Focus is my hocus pocus. I’m good at that because I’ve trained myself through daily meditation. So, am I uninterested in politics because I think chanting OM will solve the problems of the world? No, but it will solve the problems in my mind, which is the only place my problems exist. As hopeless as any situation feels, it‘s really only our thoughts that we’re dealing with and we have the power to change those. When we look for evidence that everything is under control and that the world has unlimited resources, we find balance and our world becomes unlimited.

My world has loving family, happy friends and a cooperative spirit. When “problems” arise, we look for solutions, we look for people to help, we don’t judge, we don’t blame. Are we not still working through these things? Of course we are, sometimes in dramatic and chaotic ways. There’s no avoiding that. But what we work at most is remembering we are all in this together, doing what we can each day, in even small ways, to foster a feeling of inclusion and cooperation, to offer hope to everyone we meet. My experience is there’s something up there or out there greater than I that has it all under control. Call it whatever you want. My experience is that this Something is responsive to me, has my well being in mind and is activated by my attention and by my intention. My experience is that my hopeful thoughts on behalf of friends and family have a hand in improving their experience. That’s how I can be so uninterested in politics and so calm in the face of what’s going on. Because I’m busy attending to enjoying the unfolding in my own life.
Enjoy our offering this month.
Hari Om.

February 2016

Hello and welcome to the February 2016 edition of Horizons Magazine.

Miracles are simply laws of nature that transcend our familiar band of perception. I’d been tripping with some wrist pain the last two months and after spending time in self care with it, I finally made an appointment with my acupuncturist and doctor of oriental medicine, Dr. David Rindge. After the first 30 minute laser light treatment, I was able to return to the office for several hours of using the mouse. For the last two months, mousing for hours has caused me wrist, arm and elbow pain. 24 hours after David’s laser treatment not only did I have no pain, a friend asked me how my arm was after treatment.  I showed him by picking up my guitar and holding it at arm’s length. I couldn’t hold a pencil like that before without pain. David healed my paws with laser after a car accident that caused trauma-induced carpal tunnel in 2000. Years later I developed trigger thumb on the right hand, painful for two weeks and he healed it in one session, never to return.

I usually don’t go to doctors unless it’s an emergency, even when they are a dear friend. But I know self care is very important.  Last month I made the decision to dedicate all of one afternoon to soothing my sore strained paws with massage, pranic healing, bongers, visualization and music therapy. I found I can listen to my favorite piano concertos and feel it moving through my nervous system like an elixir and healing my paws as it flows out my fingers. I’ve been using the headphones while sitting in front of the altar space, hands resting atop my knees. I envision myself inhaling the music in through my fingertips and exhaling the pain out my mouth. I knew it was just blocked energy, something I was holding onto that I was not yet aware of. That’s why I scheduled the emergency appointment to spend yesterday alone at the beach and figure out what I needed to “let go” of, what I needed to “release my grip” on.  I realized I needed to get the energy moving and figure out what I was metaphorically “keeping a grip on” that I needed to let go of. Yesterday I spent several hours at the beach, letting myself be drawn into the Now, which is where my power lies. Once there, I realized there are a few things I need to drop my involvement in. Once I made that decision, I felt very free.

And my hands were no longer throbbing. It’s nice to have a relief from that. The discomfort made me restless and bitchy. Just the acts of brushing hair and teeth, getting dressed, opening and closing doors, seat belt, steering wheel, the paws got exhausted and throbbing within minutes of getting up. Then I’d get restless and snippy. Mealtime has been a trip the past couple of weeks left handed. It’s been easier to pick meals up or heat a Lean Cuisine rather than prep, cook, clean.  On the upside, I lost 2 pounds without trying!

I over strained my hands/arms by over-use and over-scrolling. Giving them both a rest at the same time is a trip! I’ve been using the time for yoga, meditation, visualization, oh and binge watching The Girls on HBO. A gal’s gotta do that a gal’s gotta do.

One weekday I scheduled an adventure day, made more so by the unexpected rain. I seldom set out to spend a day at the beach but that was the day’s plan. Growing up in Florida, my beach gear typically stays in the car: blanket, towels, swim shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, water. I added my beach chair and umbrella, small ice chest, tarot cards and Kindle Paperwhite. I made sure my phone was fully charged. I dressed in light colors for privacy, so I’d blend in. If I’m going to be incognito at the beach, I wear light colors rather than my traditional Johnny Cash black. Swap out my black hat for a natural straw one and I’m totally beige. I typically sit high on the dunes amidst the sea oats for privacy and less sea spray, but if I use the umbrella, I stick it in the sand nearer the shore. I keep the car prepared with everything, so if I want to run to the beach on a whim, I’ve got all my comforts with me.  I drove south on US 1 just as the sun was breaking through

My passenger window was foggy with dried salt spray from the day before, so I thought I’d manifest a sprinkler to drive past to clean it.  “There might be one up ahead,” I’d tell myself, just a little focus to attract it if it was to be.  No sprinklers. But soon, a drop of rain. Then another. Then a downpour out of nowhere. I knew it wouldn’t last long, maybe 5 minutes, and that’s about how long it lasted. A beautiful rainbow appeared to the north of me as I drove across the Wabasso causeway.

As I drove north on AIA, it was hard to tell at that time of day whether I was seeing fog or ocean spray but the air was thick with it and there was a light drizzle of rain off and on.  I checked out several of the beaches along AIA to decide where I wanted to be. I crossed the Sebastian Inlet. I laughed to recall a day in the mid 80’s a coworker and I’d called in sick to work and played at that beach all day. Our severe sunburns outed us to the boss the next day. Good times.

I found a perfect spot and settled in. It was drizzling rain on and off but I was dry under the umbrella. I knew to split if I saw lightning. The weather was a balmy 76 with very little wind. Sometimes the beach is so windy I feel beat up by it. Today was a nice balmy breeze.  There were only a few people and they were farther down the beach. No one in the water yet and no surfers.

I did some yoga as I checked out my surroundings. Stretching and breathing on the beach is a whole body/mind experience. I took the ocean spray as salt therapy for my muscles. I sustained more sports injuries this year than in the last 10 years due to basically lack of proper form and overworking certain muscles. I’m a yogi, I’m not used to aerobic or weight training but I’m learning. All injuries are now healed so I’ll be more careful in 2016.

A steady rain began about 30 minutes later, so I packed up and moved north until the sun was out and found another beach. I’m always surprised by how few people are at our beaches and today was no different, at least that early.  I settled in to a new spot, I was the only one as far as I could see.  I meditated. I contemplated the past year. I stretched and breathed in the ocean air. I watched seagulls and sand crabs and pelicans and clouds and waves.

I pondered the past year and felt it’d been satisfying and productive. I pondered what, if anything, I might want to do next year.  I realized I didn’t have many specifics. I want to wake up each day eager to get into fun happenings. I want to connect with friends and share love and ideas and good times. I want dollars to flow in whether I work for them or not. I want harmonious relationships. I want good health.

And I know how to get all these things. I know if I want to have a happy healthy life, then it’s up to me to look for that and encourage that.  If I want to be involved with happy people doing fun projects, I need to find those people and look for those projects.

I may think I have to look outside my own little realm to find happy people doing fun things. I may think the folks around me are pretty stupid or low consciousness or negative energy. If that’s so, then my job is to learn what it is in each individual that triggers me and why, to discover what they are here to teach me.  Once I learn those lessons, only then will I see there are happy people doing fun things around me right now. I couldn’t  see them before I learned that lesson. Now, my world has expanded as my perception expanded.

If I want dollars to flow in, I am the one who has to do what it takes to set that in motion. And it needs to be in motion whether I am nose to the grindstone for 40 hours a week or not. If I don’t know how to earn dollars, then my job is to learn what my skills and talents are, what my natural interests are. Who do I see doing something that looks like something I want to try? I’m the one who has to cheerlead myself on to go to a trade school maybe, learn something I never thought of doing. I’m the one who has to do whatever it takes to move my life ahead.

If I want to be healthy, I know what to eat and how much to exercise and how much sleep to get. It’s up to me to keep up with it to stay fit and vital my entire life. Look at Wayne Dyer – fit and vital well into his 80’s, died in a heartbeat, no long extended illness, no steady decline, just happy, healthy, happy, healthy, happy, healthy, dead.

That’s my goal as well. A long healthy happy life, however long it ends up to be.  If I was to die right now, I’ve had the happiest life ever and wouldn’t change a thing.

Enjoy our offering this month.

Hari Om.

January 2016

Hello and welcome to the January 2016 Horizons

Barbara Lee 2015

Barbara Lee 2015

On December 2, 2015, my beautiful friend and the Horizons Magazine astrologer for 19 years, Barbara Lee, passed suddenly. She was a bright shining star who will be missed. Her horoscopes were the highlight of the magazine. I found Barbara Lee when I picked up a magazine called The Rose Garden at 1996 San Francisco Whole Life Expo. I was so taken by her insights and her accuracy for me in the moment that I called and had a long conversation with her. When a few months later the Horizons astrologer gave notice she could no longer do the monthly horoscopes. I called Barbara and the rest is history. She will be missed. We’ll meet again, my friend.

A friend asked the other day, don’t I ever get tired of doing the same job (the magazine) myself over and over every month for 20+ years, chasing ads, hauling around magazines? I smiled at her perception of what I do. No, I’ve not yet tired of it.

While I do haul around magazines and I don’t have volunteers, employees or salespeople, I don’t chase ads other than sending out monthly invoices. I’m blessed that word of mouth sustains the mag. Once a year I may send out an email giving the ad specials. Prices are low since I’m not in it for the income, I’m in it for the outcome. Our ad rates haven’t changed in years and that’s because Horizons wasn’t created to generate income. It pays for itself and I earn dollars otherwise. In my 30+ years professional practice as a psychic reader and spiritual advisor, it’s far more than a job. It’s part of my mission, and a venue for connecting with those who are asking questions that I have the answers for.

To me, it’s all about focus. Horizons is all about keeping the reader focused for the time it takes to read the magazine, focused on what possibilities and opportunities are available for them to attract to themselves. What is possible once the reader takes time to set an intention, release resistance and then look for evidence of it everywhere.

Look for what? Look for happy, healthy friends, couples in love, money changing hands, know that miracles can be right around the corner. What corner? The corner of your current belief system. This isn’t magic or cultish. This is simply expanding your perception so you begin to understand more of your world around you.

I remember when I first got glasses to drive at age 30. I was surprised at all the detail that suddenly came in to view all around me! The individual leaves on the trees, every printed sign everywhere. It was overwhelming. I was so dazzled to distraction by it that I took the bus to work from Kendall to downtown Miami for a month to get used to it. As a near sighted person seeing long distance clearly for the first time, and as a professional psychic and medium, I learned that having the broader view has a downside. After all the years spent trying to tune IN to the essential, I found the harder task was learning to tune OUT the UNessential.

Why do I need to expand my perception? Maybe just to reassure myself that I’m living the happiest life possible. My world changed on an unplanned and unexpected cross country trip to California in the 90’s. My mother had literally died 2 days before. I encountered a new world every day of the 8 months I lived there. Among other places, I visited Hayhouse in Carlsbad and Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas.

I’d often dreamed of becoming an author. Meeting many of the leading authors in the new age field and connecting with new ones and getting to know them let me see that their life was more about promotion and book selling than it was about writing and teaching. Although I understood the need for this, it helped me decide that was not the kind of life I wanted. It did however introduce me to the world of professional consulting and ghostwriting, and I entered into several collaborations and close friendships that endure to this day.

Being in California for almost a year helped me clarify my mission. I spent hours a day atop Mount Fremont overlooking the Monterey Bay, listening to inner guidance and pondering my next step. When I returned home after 8 months’ away and saw the stack of “important projects” I’d been working on, I saw right away my heart wasn’t in them. They were merely me on a hamster wheel, creating busy work and going nowhere with it.

Although I’d not felt “unconnected” prior to my mother passing, living in California for 8 months opened me to a whole new level of connection. I began to see the expanded view. Much of that had to do with me being in an entirely new environment, so I literally saw nothing of my “former life, my Florida life” as I was living “this California life.” Everything being new meant I did not know what to expect. There’s an excitement in that that I’d been missing for years. Missing it was the source of my resistance. When my resistance dropped, by travelling to a new location and seeing new sights and hearing new sounds and nothing familiar, the floodgates opened with new experiences. By the time I returned from California, Horizons took on a more personal tone.

So with Horizons each month, I’d like the reader to be able to sit for an hour where no one is telling them what they can’t do or what they’ll never have. I’d like the reader to glance through articles that offer possibilities and hope, that they can glean insights and enjoyment from. Articles that expand their view just a little bit wider, articles that make them resonate with their connection to inner guidance. Articles that make them think “what if the best case scenerio happened? What if I find luck and love and live hapily ever after forevermore — what if?”

My friend asked about competition with other local magazines who have more ads than Horizons. I told her it’s not a competition. We don’t publish the same kind of magazine. We each attract what our readers want to read each month. Mine happens to be a personal message I am on a misson to share. I’m blessed with advertisers who recognize the mission and share in my vision for a happier, more expanded life. Visit them, discover what your connection to them is. The fact that you’re reading this means there is a connection to be discovered. Experience has taught me that there is always a connection to be discovered. I didn’t always know that.

So who am I anyway? I became a student of meditation and yoga philosophy shortly after graduation. During the 1970’s, I explored various philosophies, eastern and western. In 1976, my dad introduced me to astrology. The late 70’s and 80’s were spent experimenting with divination and astrology. I studied Eastern philosophy and even got involved with a cult or two. I gained invaluable experience, I was glad to be in and glad to be out. I took Transcendental Meditation, yoga, est, the Dale Carnegie course, primal scream therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis, rebirthing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Silva Mind Control, Biomagnetics, Therapeutic Touch. From 1992-1997 I worked for Psychic Friends Network doing 40-60 readings a day. I also began teaching meditation, yoga and offering psychic readings at local new age stores, teaching weekly tarot classes, psychic development, and teaching about the human energy field. I am a graduate of The Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage program and have completed Pranic Healing levels I and II with Master Stephen Co. I have completed Reiki I and II, I am a certified professional hypnotist, paranormal consultant, ghostwriter and editor. I live with my extended family in a small wooded sanctuary north of Indian River County, FL.

I have learned that whatever I am going through is likely what everyone else is going through also. I’ve found out a lot of what works and what doesn’t and gotten some profound insights along the way. If I can save someone time and money, or heartache and frustration, by telling my story, that’s what I live for. As a professional psychic since the 80’s, I’ve spoken with thousands of people through the years. This allows me to see patterns in behavior and to recognize when something is happening on a big scale. It’s like having a constant test group I can study, and I share my findings with you in my blog at

My life has been a series of continual upgrades since I began my journey of spiritual awakening and personal growth. I want everyone to have free access to what I know. I want everyone to know that anything is possible and anyone can do it. I want everyone to know that the life they are living now is just a fragment of what it can be, if they want more. And that you don’t have to shell out hundreds of $$ for workshops and books and crystals and wind chimes and training and certification for ascension and acceleration and internet products in order to reach a higher potential or have an awakening experience.

I would like you to know you are capable of far more than you ever dreamed and there is an internal compass that guides you in every moment by the emotions you are feeling in response to the thoughts you are thinking. You have more choices available right now than you ever thought possible. And your goals are easier to reach than you ever imagined.

Horizons Magazine Mission Statement
Established in 1992, Horizons Magazine is designed to inspire, educate and entertain those who are exploring the body/mind connection and seeking spiritual solutions to everyday life. Our purpose is: To provide a forum to connect those who seek purpose in life. To use our combined power to encourage each other in our personal visions. To remind you that you are far more powerful than you can imagine.

To establish in the minds of our readers the reality of the mind / body connection and the fact that we participate in creation of the reality we experience. What we see and experience is simply the brain’s interpretation of electrical signals. The only reality we cope with is the world of perceptions inside our mind. We participate in creation of the reality we experience by our intentions, beliefs and expectations, by every thought we think and every word we speak.

To promote the reality that we survive in consciousness after the change called death. To comprehend this, we promote the practice of daily separation of consciousness from the body via meditation. Once we experience our existence beyond physical circumstances, fear of death is removed. The less fear of death we have, the more we see the world from the higher perspective and the more we recognize how powerful we really are. This frees us to begin to live more fully, in every moment, now.

Our lives become increasingly fulfilling as we take responsibility for how we perceive life and how we react to it. We’re here to find and relate to others, and everyone who reads these words or writes a word in these pages seeks to be connected with those who seek likewise. So, if you read an article that touches your heart, or an ad that intrigues you, call and get together with the person listed; or just call and introduce yourself and discuss their offering with them. Connect with each other, come to know each other, exchange information. We believe that as we all work together, we are making the world a better place.

Enjoy our offering this month.
Hari Om.

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