August 2016

Welcome to the August 2016 issue of Horizons Magazine. Last month was a news fest focused on unfortunate, racially motivated conflict. Sometimes it takes drastic measures to wake us up enough so that we ask ourselves, “What do we really believe? What ARE our deepest beliefs about our life and the people around us, and the direction we see all of us heading?” I’m hopeful.

Benny didn’t grow up thinking Mouse Lives Matter

Benny is tired of hearing Lizard Lives matter, Bird Lives matter, Mouse Lives matter. Yeh, yeh, he knows “all lives matter” but Whatever weaker than him crosses his path is at the mercy of his mood du jour. The hunt is in his blood. His mom was a hunter, his dad was a hunter. He saw them beat up lizards and birds and mice his whole life, and so he figured that was what he was supposed to do, too. Nobody told him any different. It happens to us humans, too. It’s not his fault he thinks the way he does. He grew up repeating what his kinfolk said was the thing to do and the way life is. But tell that to the lizard, tell that to the bird, tell that to the mouse. We humans are slowly but surely beginning to wake up and we’re learning to stop the cycle, to do better.

Do you ever feel like apologizing to an entire segment of society but you don’t have the vocabulary to even begin to address it since who’d ever thought in this lifetime such things would still be happening? There’s an almost overwhelming urge to fall at the feet of strangers apologizing on behalf of the ignorant and mean spirited ones whose skin is the color of mine. Even so, I hold the vision of a better tomorrow.

Kittens-in-a-basket3x6Stay mindfully vigilant.
Don’t fall into any plan to create race wars. The media wants to enflame us into action for ratings. We learned without doubt this election season that the media suppresses info that doesn’t fit their agenda. They want to make us think things are worse than they are so we’ll uprise and react. The powers that be want to divide us to make it easier to bring in martial law. Be kind. Stay mindful. We’re all in this together. We’ll get through this.


people linked arms blueTrue Americans celebrate racial, cultural  and religious diversity
We Make America Great Again by showing in our daily lives that we believe in the USA’s Declaration of Independence directive “all men are created equal, endowed with rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” To suppress anyone due to race, culture and religion is very UN-American. I respectfully request that we don’t get it twisted.

Yes, many are passing due to injustice but we have to walk over the bodies to move forward. It never gets easier, but hovering over them after the fact doesn’t do anyone any good. Link arms with those still standing and walk on together, praying for those in need still breathing. That way we catch each other as we stumble and no one stays down for long.


mom and sons silhouetteHonoring the angels you find in front of you
I was behind a young mother in the store earlier. She had three sons, about 2, 6 and 8 and she was doing an admirable job of keeping them under control. The older ones unloaded the shopping cart while the youngest quietly watched his mom on the phone telling someone she’d “be right back to take care of it.” She seemed weary but handled the scene with grace and ease. I looked at the two oldest, it brought to mind the two young men who’d been unlawfully shot by officers last month. This strong mother was raising three young black men not knowing what would become of them in tomorrow’s society. No one with eyes open can pretend they’ll have equal opportunity in our lifetime. No matter how good a mother she is, no matter how good a person they grow up to be, because of the color of their skin. I felt great shame. But we can work to change that.

When her groceries were tallied, I handed the cashier cash saying, “May I, please? Seeing you with your boys gives me hope for our next generation. Thank you.” And I meant it. I was grateful for the chance to lighten her load for at least the moment, perhaps to create a happy story to tell later, perhaps give a reminder that good and bad exists side by side. But I could tell she knew that.

The timing was synchronistic. I seldom carry cash on me but I’d just returned from the bank where I’d cashed my $15 check for jury duty as well as a $100 donation check someone had gifted me. I never expected either amount, and would typically have deposited it rather than cashing it. Since everything was falling into place, I figured it was her money anyway.

Enjoy our offering this month.
Hari Om.