March 2016

Hello and welcome to the March 2016 Horizons Magazine. Final layout took me a little longer this month because I am resting my right arm and doing everything with the left. I’ve been foregoing a lot of daily chores such as cleaning, cooking. Basically anything not related to getting the magazine out was set aside for two weeks. After layout, I did a little bit of vacuuming, a little bit of laundry, ran the dishwasher, stripped the beds, and I did it in stages so it didn’t feel like I was doing too much all at once. So I was back and forth from the computer to cleaning all day long. I finally fell asleep crashed in the recliner and I awoke two hours later to go into bed. When I turned the light on, I was delighted to see the room was clean and straight. I’d forgotten I’d cleaned it, plus I’d even moved the bed so it was facing a new way! It took me a moment in my half sleep to get the pillows moved enough so I could get under the covers, but I fell sound asleep within moments. When I woke up, I was a little disoriented with the bed being turned around. As I began walking toward the bathroom I was actually walking toward a large full size mirror which reflected the entire room back to me. But I did not immediately recognize it as a mirror, it just looked as though I was walking into another room. A room that I could not see where the bathroom door was.

Thankfully, there was someone walking toward me so I could ask her where the bathroom door was. Except what was somebody doing in my bedroom at 4:00 a.m.? She kind of looked like my mom except she was way too tall and her hair was white instead of black. She didn’t look any more awake than I felt. Then I noticed she had one of my night shirts on. Then I thought I was waking in a lucid dream because I recognized her as being me. What I didn’t recognize was that I was facing the wrong way and walking toward the mirror which I probably would have walked into if I hadn’t tripped over Benny the Cat on the rug at my feet. It made me wonder how many other parts of my life am I half sleep walking around, gathering incorrect impressions and then basing future thoughts, ideas and plans around these incorrect perceptions? Often I am no less asleeps in my waking life than I am when I’m slumbering.

tarot 3 cards on purpleSOMETIMES I REALLY DIG A QUICKIE
I haven’t had time to formally schedule everyone who wants an appointment, so I’ve been having fun with Facebook friends doing some rapid fire one card tarot readings. I ask them to give me a number between 1 and 3 and think of a situation in their life right now. I shuffle the cards and choose their number card and give a one card tarot interpretation. The Universe always knows who needs to hear what, although I may not know that. I can get so much from one card if I look deeply into it. I asked them to give
feedback if they found their reading relevant. I got excellent feedback, here is some of it:

I wanted to thank you again. Your reading LITERALLY touched on every question I have in life right now, AND confirmed what I KNEW was the main source of my loss in positive energy. It’s doing wonders for me – in less than 24 hours!!! Thank you for spreading your gift to many that may have not been able to seek guidance otherwise.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! The reading you just did for me was SO on point that I’m afraid people that are too close to me will see it if I respond saying how on point it is!

Thank you Andrea! i received WAY more than expected!
It is very good, describes my situation with my father.
Best spontaneous reading I have had. I’m feeling connected.

The Universe most certainly spoke to me ..thank you for being there for the conversation.

Thank you so much ..everything here is exactly what needs to be heeded. I appreciate the help in refocusing priorities and staying strong of spirit and in Spirit .

Thank you, Andrea! I’ve been feeling nervous about the next step. This card is soothing! Many helpful insights.

If you’d like a quick one card reading, I’ll do it via email or Facebook for a donation of $10, see info at and Paypal to You’ll receive a 400-500 word detailed interpretation covering the areas of work, love, finances, health and spirituality.


Friends ask how I can be so uninterested in politics and so calm in the face of what’s going on. I guess because I’m busy attending to “what’s going on” in my own life. I had a very vivid dream last month of Bernie Sanders being president. In the dream, I wondered how he made it beyond the primaries due to the nature of the electoral system. As I had that thought, a classroom chalkboard appeared where someone stood writing equations. The chalk board had at the top the words Common Core Math. I took that to mean that there would be something different about counting the votes during that election, like there would be a new way to figure it. Two weeks later, another dream. I don’t know what happened in Iowa and I don’t even know how the whole process works nor even the correct campaign/ caucus/ debate lingo. But I had the Bernie Sanders dream a second time where he was President. No one seemed outraged and mass chaos did not break out.

My experience is there’s something out there greater than I that has it all under control. We’re all free to choose what to believe. I believe in what I myself have experienced. My experience is that this (something) is responsive to me, has my well being in mind and is activated by my attention and by my intention. My experience is that my hopeful thoughts on behalf of friends and family somehow have a hand in impacting their experience. Some would say that’s God working through prayer. Some would say the Universe is responding to my intention and affirmations. Some would say it’s Destiny, that there’s no cause and effect to my actions.

I’m a scientific gal. I have to experience something myself numerous times before I believe there’s a cause and effect to what I do. Anything I can do, you can do. My most powerful tool is my focused intention. Focus is my hocus pocus. I’m good at that because I’ve trained myself through daily meditation. So, am I uninterested in politics because I think chanting OM will solve the problems of the world? No, but it will solve the problems in my mind, which is the only place my problems exist. As hopeless as any situation feels, it‘s really only our thoughts that we’re dealing with and we have the power to change those. When we look for evidence that everything is under control and that the world has unlimited resources, we find balance and our world becomes unlimited.

My world has loving family, happy friends and a cooperative spirit. When “problems” arise, we look for solutions, we look for people to help, we don’t judge, we don’t blame. Are we not still working through these things? Of course we are, sometimes in dramatic and chaotic ways. There’s no avoiding that. But what we work at most is remembering we are all in this together, doing what we can each day, in even small ways, to foster a feeling of inclusion and cooperation, to offer hope to everyone we meet. My experience is there’s something up there or out there greater than I that has it all under control. Call it whatever you want. My experience is that this Something is responsive to me, has my well being in mind and is activated by my attention and by my intention. My experience is that my hopeful thoughts on behalf of friends and family have a hand in improving their experience. That’s how I can be so uninterested in politics and so calm in the face of what’s going on. Because I’m busy attending to enjoying the unfolding in my own life.
Enjoy our offering this month.
Hari Om.