April 2016

The Hopeful Palm of Trump

The Hopeful Palm of Trump

Hello and welcome to the April 2016 edition of Horizons Magazine. You know, it does not matter what’s going on in the rest of the world, we can chose to focus our thoughts in a way that attracts to us exactly what we want in our lives. We can change our thoughts and discipline our behaviors so much that we can have an excellent and prosperous life no matter who is in office, no matter what the official state of the economy, no matter what the scientists or environmentalists say is happening around us.

Am I moving out of the country if Trump is elected? No, because I have the power!

Move out of the country? This kind of made me giggle. There’s no reason to give anyone that much power over me and my happiness. As far as I can see, nothing will change with me and my happy life no matter who’s in office. If for some reason I’m unable to do what I now do for income, I’ll find something else to do. If for some reason I can no longer live where I’m living, I’ll find somewhere else to live. I don’t need to know ahead of time HOW these things are going to come about. I just need to have the expectation and belief they will.

I have faith everything will work out since that’s always been my experience. My desire to thrive in whatever condition I find myself in taps me in to my intuition and moves me forward toward solutions. I’m always on the lookout for solutions and fun ways of being and guess what? I always find them because I know I’ve got the power. The power to focus on what needs to be done in the moment and the power to stick with it until it’s done. And the power to choose to love it (or at least find harmony with it) at every stage along the way, no matter who is elected.

Palmistry: The Hopeful Thumb of Donald Trump

Look at those hands, are they small hands?” Yes, they look like small hands to me, but this isn’t about that. Small hands, short fingers, we know hand size/penis size doesn’t always match but how about the palmistry of Trump? If he’s a contender, for office, it’s good know what we’re working with and believe it or not, there’s hope.  Those with small hands tend to think big and delegate. While his stiff hand shows a rigid personality, of note to me is that Trump has the flexible thumb. That means he can be flexible and he can flip flop, but I feel that bodes well for him being flexible if he makes it into public office. The flexible thumb is a good indicator of readiness to accept and adapt to challenges and fluctuations in life. Although currently mis-guided, he’s a very passionate and driven individual and it’s possible his passion and vision can be harnessed and channelled to do good. Help me hold that vision?

On April 20, 2016, the planet Uranus moves into his 9th house of philosophy — the search for meaning. It may very well be that Trump will have an awakening and a change of heart and mind to see that compassionate and inclusive changes take place. It may very well be that an awakened Donald Trump is not the scary monster that he appears to be now.  I say this so we can stop fearing him and turn our thoughts to the best possible “what if” and pre-pave that instead. I’ll bet with group effort, whether you call it visualization, spellcasting or prayer, we can pre-pave an awakening in consciousness for Trump.

Remember to only wish for him what you wish for us all.

During Uranus through the 9th house, lasting about 7 years, one may experience a transformation in matters relating to goals, religious beliefs and personal philosophy. There may be radical and unexpected changes. New insights are stimulated. This is a period of great and thorough revolution in understanding. If the worst case scenario happens, I’m still hopeful. Hey, silver linings, right? I ask you to hold the vision with me of an awakened, compassionate Trump. We can help bring that about by how we look at him, how we perceive him, how we perceive what he’s doing and how we perceive what grand good he may be capable of.

Why hold a vision of an awakened, compassionate Trump? Because he’s getting into politics and he has the means to make things happen. Yes, right now they are self-serving, mean and unconscionably hateful things but if this man becomes powerful on the political scene, just imagine the amount of good he could do if he had a change of heart? That’s why lightworkers and visionkeepers can hold a vision of his having an awakening, a compassionate softening of his heart due to new understanding dawning in him. If he’s on the rise to political power, pray for his awakening and know that when many minds are gathered together with vision in prayer, miracles happen.

A friend asked why I’m not freaked about the election. Easy, I don’t watch the news. I pay attention to what’s in front of me right now in my own life. A lot of stuff freaks us out when we believe we only have one life to get it right or get it done.

I guess I figure everyone who reads my pages is into some kind of personal development or self improvement path, whether they count it as a spiritual practice or not. Or they at least understand the concept of being on a personal path. I figure we on some level all vibe the same or we wouldn’t know of each other. So I figure like me, most have a daily practice of introspection about why I do and say and act and react as I do, especially if something riles me. I figure like me, most have a daily practice of meditation or contemplation or quiet time to have thoughts bubble up and to process and disburse them. Maybe it’s just saying nightly prayers and morning gratitudes.

And if they do not have a daily practice, then our readers at least understand on some level the concept what it is to have a personal daily practice. I know a lot of people “aren’t into it” but I figure whoever reads Horizons or my blog or Facebook page  is either into it or gets it. I’ve got a pretty easy and drama free life so there are no ongoing challenges. But I certainly go through my unconscious times where I am critical or feel the need to shame someone when they fail to meet my expectations. Evolution is that more and more I catch myself and do better the next time. That’s why they call it practice.

How do you live in the same house and attract a different experience than your roomie?

It’s not so much what we’re DOING that determines what we attract, it’s what WE THINK ABOUT what we’re doing.   Maybe he listens to tv news and worries about the economy. Maybe you garden and build birdhouses and walk the dog. Maybe he’s worried he might lose his job, go bald, have a heart attack. Maybe you wonder what to cook for dinner. Maybe you remember it somehow all works out. It’s not so much what we’re doing that determines what we attract, it’s WHAT WE THINK ABOUT what we’re doing, WHAT WE THINK ABOUT  the life we’re living.

Learn to say No

It’s hard to say no but you have to learn to do it, for your own sanity. A friend is feeling overwhelmed with family responsibilities. She feels everyone is grabbing at her and not giving her a moment to breathe. She feels she is obligated to be the caretaker, the bank, the therapist. I’ve been there and learned that I do a disservice to loved ones when I agree to take on something I am not qualified to take on. I have no sense of guilt or shame about turning down someone’s request if I know it is not in the best interest of either of us. I asked her if the money did not matter, would she say yes? I asked her if the money did not matter, would her loved one be even talking to her? I am not saying do not help those who ask, her situation has been long standing for years with several family members taking serious advantage of her. She is not the type to speak up mostly because she is made to feel guilty and ashamed for “not helping enough.” It has drained her physically so that she now has several chronic ailments. It has drained her emotionally and mentally so she can no longer hold a job.

Sometimes I don’t want anyone tugging, needing, pulling, poking, asking, manipulating, knudging, interrupting, expecting, demanding, obligating, wondering, invading, silencing, questioning, bothering, engaging, or even embracing me. I don’t get to that place often but when I do, I know I need to detach and allow myself the absolute silence and peaceful solitude necessary to become balanced once again. Sometimes it feels selfish but I know that it is necessary for me to be me at my best. You must learn to say no, your life depends upon it.

Keep an eye out for the dollars

Here’s a fun way to exercise your creative visualization. Found money is one way the Universe likes to surprise us when we’re in the flow. Look at the bills in the image. See them

against the white background.

  1. Now see them on the floor in your closet.
  2. Now see them in the pocket of a coat.
  3. Now see them under the socks in your dresser.
  4. Now see them in that secret side pocket in your wallet,

or in the glove compartment.

  1. See them on the floor of your garage.
  2. See them on the side of the roadway on your morning walk.
  3. See them on the floor at the grocery and on the ground at the gas station.

Keep an eye out for them. Give it a few days. Report back where it showed up. You can also do this with a lost object. Imagine seeing it in a few different settings, then begin searching then staying on lookout for it. We find what we seek. Enjoy our offering this month.

Hari Om.