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            ABRAHAM-HICKS                                              OPEN HOUSE
                                                                   Sunday, June 24, Noon to 2:00pm
                                                                   ATLANTEAN HEALING ARTS
                              Abraham is a group of nonphysical teachers,
                              speaking their broader  perspective through   2401 N Harbor City Blvd., Melbourne, FL 32935
                              Esther Hicks.    Author of Ask & It Is Given,   321-543-8882         Duncan Bowen, PhD.
                              The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, The   • Energy Balancing • Cord Cuttings • Reiki • DNA Activations
                              Vortex, Where Law of Attraction Assembles
                              All Cooperative Relationships and NY Times
                              Best Seller, Money and the Law of Attraction,
                              visit       When you begin to come into your cycle of being fertile in
                                                                 order to conceive, the coming into that cycle is actually more
                                                                 difficult than the moving out of it. And most people do not
                                                                 even think about… When you think about ornery people, you
                    MENOPAUSE, AND CULTURAL                      usually think about two sets of them. They’re usually teenage
                                                                 girls and menopausal women. And it is for the same thing as
                   ASPECTS OF PHYSICAL AGING?                    they are moving into and out of.
            My question is about aging, specifically menopause.   So, what’s happening is the infusion of energies. What happens
            I have friends who believe they are sliding down a slippery   is that sometimes you are not up for the infusion of Energy
            slope of weight gain and unlovableness, etc. and I’ve heard   that is occurring as a result of what the cells of your body are
            that in some cultures menopause does not happen, and that   asking about. If you are vibrationally up to speed with your
            it’s possibly a social construct that has come about.  Source Energy, then whatever your cells are asking for, you are
                                                                 in perfect vibrational alignment with. But if you are not up to
            ABRAHAM  Well, in all humanness, there is an evolution.   speed with the vibration of your Source Energy, and the cells
            In other words, none of you look like you looked the day you   of your body are asking for something that you’re not up to
            were born. Remember what squatty little clumsy things you   speed with, then you have that disoriented feeling.
            were? You were not walking, you had no hair, usually, not any
            teeth, you are evolving continually. And so, we would say   We think far too much is made of this. And we think that it
            that the biological evolution happens in all cultures. But your   is economically driven. And that if economics were taken out
            response to it varies tremendously. When you understand the   of it, so that there was not need to try to motivate from a
            perfection of your beingness, and you love your motion for-  place of lack, as we were talking about earlier, there would be
            ward, then there’s no resistance within your Being, and every   very few that would have negative experience in any of that
            aspect of you is pleasurable.                        process. So, what we would say to try to soothe someone in
                                                                 moving up the vibrational stick to a better-feeling place…
            You loved it when you were a baby, you loved it when you were
            a toddler, you loved it when you were a teenager, you loved it   So, let’s say that a woman is in this place of menopause. Her
            as you were coming into your relationships, you loved it in your  body is changing. And she is understanding that it is the nature
            middle age, you loved it in your old age. In other words, you   of her Being. And she really has no personal lack in this. She is
            love it in your physical; you love it in your Non-physical.  not wanting to conceive children anymore, and so, there is no
                                                                 great lack that is being felt there. She has really not enjoyed
            In non-resistance, it is a delicious experience. But what makes   her menstrual cycle, so the leaving of it behind is no big loss.
            your experience less delicious, is the resistance that comes
            about by pushing against. So certainly, it is a very cultural   So, what is the big lack that is being amplified here? In other
            thing where in your culture you are taught that you are declin-  words, someone has said to her, “You are not as much as you
            ing. We would not say… The culture that is abounding here,   once were. You are less of a woman now. Or this is an indica-
            goes something like, you start out incomplete, you reach a   tor… Or now your body will not be producing this, you will
            place of prime, and then you begin to decline from that prime.  have lack in this way or the other.”
            And what we know from our Broader Non-physical Perspective
            is that we are Eternal Beings always becoming more. So there   There are lots of different things that people believe that this
            is not ever a decline, it is always an expansion.    is a symptom of. And so, we would address it individually, by
                                                                 just reaching for a thought that feels better. And one that
            But you’ve got this thing called birth and death, where you   almost always works is, there is always someone that someone
            are watching yourself as you are moving through the evolution   knows that has gone through that process and not experienced
            of your human experience, and you choose, in most cases, to   great discomfort in the process.
            think in terms of a climbing and then a declining. So, as your
            society says to you, at a certain age you become inappropri-
            ate for this reason or this reason, and then you begin to push
            against that, that pushing against that causes a disallowance            ...continued on page 29...
            of the Life Force that would cause those experiences to be
            somewhat different. It is a very natural experience for you.

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