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THIS MONTH’S                       My dad wasn’t always fair when I was growing up. My mom
                                                                 was my saving grace, she was a very fun loving and caring and
                                 THOUGHTS                        playful, best kind of mom there was. Not everyone was as
                                                                 lucky, as I discover in my psychic reading practice as maybe 20
                                                                 people a week tell me their mom and dad stories. This is for
                                     ABOUT                       them.

                                   THINGS...                     Not everyone grew up with a loving father/child experience.
                                                                 Some tiptoed thru the shadows, some had to raise themselves,
                                                                 protect their siblings from a father who never anticipated how
                                 “In the company of one who is living   much loss of freedom fatherhood would entail. He had no idea
            Andrea de Michaelis  Love, you can’t help but spring into   how much his life would change. He had no idea how ill-equi-
                                 that Love.”  - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
             Publisher in 2016                                   ped he would be when it did and no idea how much it would
                                                                 feel like a prison sentence.
            WELCOME TO THE JUNE HORIZONS MAGAZINE.               Bless these fathers for doing what they felt they had to do to
            It barely feels like June. With the cool nights, I was   get thru what must have been a very difficult life. Bi-polar and
            able to keep windows open thru most of May. I’ve     unmedicated, mine drank, had mood swings and acted out in
            got mulberries on the tree out back! I love hanging in the   anger. That made me stronger and taught me independence.
            shade beneath and picking them. I notice mulberries are like   Yours did the same.
            opportunities. You pick one section of the tree until you've
            taken all the berries you can see and you think there are no   Thank the Universe for showing you how powerful you were in
            more. Then you step 6 inches to the right and you’re in a   overcoming such a father/child experience with as much pres-
            whole new world of mulberries. Opportunities, too. Just step   ence of mind as you have.
            a little to one side and look again.
                                                                 And for those who grew up with abusive dads, and into whose
            I used to be someone who took every opportunity to say some   care he may have fallen in his elder years, know this: Even as
            smart aleck or sarcastic remark. Now I try to take every op-  his seemingly selfish hateful comments continue even into de-
            portunity to say something kind. One thing I did growing up –   mentia, he's simply a troubled person who doesn't understand
            my fatal flaw – was smart talking my dad, which wasn’t smart   the physical and mental changes he's going thru and he's afraid
            at all. Typical self-centered teen, I felt justified in “hating”   of death, if he's even aware enough to know we're all dying. In
            him for limiting my freedom, when all he was doing was rais-  the end, only kindness matters. You’re the father now.
            ing me the best he could.
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