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Herb Corner

                                                                      Cecelia Avitabile of The Herb Corner and Learning Center in
                                                                 Melbourne FL is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with  a Masters
                                                                   of Herbalism degree and over 20 years of  herbal experience.  A
                                                                   member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the
                                                                   American Herbalist Guild. Visit 321-757-7522

                                                                        MANAGING DIABETES

                                                                  With so many sugar free products on the market
                                                                  is alarming how the rate of Pre-diabetes and Type
                                                                  II Diabetes is increasing. These were once thought
               Take Control of Your Health With                   to be conditions of the 40-50-year-old age group
              Herbs - Mankind’s Oldest Medicine                   but not anymore. Fortunately, in some cases it
                 Herbs have been used as a standard practice      can be controlled with diet, exercise, herbs and
             of complementary health-care for  thousands  of      supplements.
             years. History has accumulated a vast knowledge
             of healing with plants providing us with a huge vari-  Proper diet helps regulate blood sugar levels; eating more
             ety of healing options.                              foods with a low glycemic index affects the rate at which
                 There are over 750,000 plants on the planet      food is turned into glucose. Foods that are higher in the
             Earth and they all contain chemical  compounds       glycemic index raise your blood sugar levels and stress your
             that can be converted into hormones, vitamins and    pancreas forcing your body to produce more fat causing you
             minerals that address the root cause of the condi-   to gain weight. This may be why 80% of Type II Diabetics
             tion, not just the symptoms. They work like preci-   are over-weight. At the supermarket watch for foods with
             sion instruments providing over-all support for the  fructose, sucrose, glucose or other forms of sugar on the
             body. The Herb Corner carries all your herbal needs  labels; these get absorbed in the blood steam and turn into
             and all herbs are 100% organic.                      fat quickly.

               Master Herbalist & Certified Nutritional Consultant on Staff  Gymnema has been used for over 2000 years in India for
                                                                  diabetes in Sanskrit it means “destroyer of sugar”. It
              We Sell More Than Just Herbs!                       stimulates the beta cells in the pancreas to produce insulin
                                                                  and it slows down the absorption of glucose through the
              Unique Jewelry- Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets,        intestine. What most people like about this herb is that after
              Earrings, , Raw and Tumbled Gemstones,              you have tasted it, it blocks the taste of sweets this can help
              Gemstone Animals, Eggs & Spheres, Salt Lamps in     curb your cravings of sweets and carbohydrates.
              various sizes and shapes, Sage,  Candles, multi-    Fenugreek has also been used for a long time and is well
              colored LED lightboxes,, Lip Balms,                 documented. Studies found this herb to reduce blood
              Headache Sticks, Bar & Liquid                       sugar and cholesterol which seems to be a problem for
              Soaps, Salves, food-grade Essential                 many diabetics it was also found to significantly drop blood
              Oils, Unique Tea Diffusers, Tea Pots                glucose levels protecting the body from free radical damage
              & Oriental Mugs, Herbal Tumblers                    associated with diabetes. Fenugreek’s unique compounds
              and much, much more!!!                              surround fats and sugars slowing down their absorption
                                                                  making it great for weight reduction (this may be of help for
               Specializing In All Natural Products               many diabetics who are having trouble losing weight) plus it
                                                                  contains amino acids stimulate production of insulin.
                     The Herb Corner                              There are other herbs that can be of benefit to Diabetes
                                                                  Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol
                                                                  plus it helps to stimulate metabolism. Devils Claw helps
                          and Learning Center                     decrease blood sugar levels helping curb sugar and

                         Hours: Wed-Fri. 10-5, Sat. 11-3          carbohydrate cravings. Sandalwood helps to rejuvenate
                                                                  insulin production, the sulfur in Onions and Garlic have
                 277 N. Babcock St., Melbourne * 321-757-7522     insulin-like actions and they help to protect the circulatory
                                                                  system. Finally, Stevia helps control blood glucose levels
                                      reducing glucagon plus it can be used as an artificial
                                                                  sweetener with no calories, no carbs and no sugar.

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