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                                      WHEN YOU FOCUS ON THE

                                                        GOOD STUFF!

                                Pam Grout is the author of 16 books, three plays, a television series, and two iPhone apps. She writes for People
                                magazine,, Huffington Post, and her travel blog, Find out more
            about Pam and her out-of-the-box take on life on her website:

            I have four main intentions: peace of mind, surety    1. Focus on the end result. Period. Do not give any air-time
            of purpose, clear, unmistakable guidance and unceas-  in your thoughts–and especially your feelings–to the way it
            ing joy. I used to keep that last intention to myself.   appears now. What appears now is history. It only appears
            People tended to think it was foolhardy and not at    that way because you think about it. You don’t even need to
            all possible.                                         worry about how you’re going to get to where you want to
                                                                  be. In fact, one of our biggest stumbling blocks is obsessing
                                                                  about the process for getting to your goal. It is irrelevant.
            “What?” they’d mock. “How can anybody be joyful 24/7?”
                                                                  Just keep focusing on where you want to be. Tune in to that
                                                                  reality just like you tune into your favorite radio station.
            What I now know is that any other goal is simply irresponsible.
                                                                  Ignore the other channels. Ignore what appears so real now.
                                                                  Again, it’s only “real” until you get clear focus on where you
            Our only function here on Planet Earth is to having a rollicking
            good time. I mean, we are meant to laugh and have fun and   want to be.
            enjoy ourselves at every moment. And I refuse to feel guilty
            for proclaiming that.                                 2. Live by Bobby McFerrin’s mantra: “Don’t worry. Be
                                                                  happy.” The more joy you can have in your life, the wider
                                                                  the door opens for life’s largesse to flow in. The only person
            Recently, I’ve been getting emails from people wanting more
            tips on how to manifest, how to kick their natural, create-  who can erect walls that keep it away is you. If you’re in a
            their-dreams skills into high gear.                   state of perpetual joy (again, this is your natural, God-given
            So, here are the three best techniques I can offer for letting go   state), all the security forces in the U.S. Army can’t keep it
            and letting your every intention happen:              away.
                                                                  3. Throw this phrase overboard: “It’s hard.” Do you know
                   Rev. Andy Conyer                               how often I hear this from people, even people who know
                                                                  good and well how to manifest? I even hear myself saying it
                                                                  sometimes. But the moment I catch myself, I turn it around
                                                                  immediately and remember that it’s my choice. Life can be
                UNITY LIFE ENRICHMENT CENTRE 863-471-1122         hard, complicated and difficult to manage. Or it can be a
                10417 S. Orange Blossom Blvd, Sebring, FL 33875   pleasure trip down easy street. Whatever it is you want to
                Email  accomplish, affirm often that it’s easy to get there. The only
                                                                  reason life is anything but a piece of cake is our focus on

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