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            ABRAHAM-HICKS                                                   CLASSES FORMING

                                                                                       Astral Travel
                                                                                     Adept Initiation
                              Abraham is a group of nonphysical teachers,           Sacred Geometry
                              speaking their broader  perspective through   ATLANTEAN HEALING ARTS - Melbourne
                              Esther Hicks.    Author of Ask & It Is Given,   321-543-8882           Duncan Bowen, PhD.
                              The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, The
                              Vortex, Where Law of Attraction Assembles
                              All Cooperative Relationships and NY Times
                              Best Seller, Money and the Law of Attraction,
                              visit                        Reverend Robyn Stevens
                                                                                                                          Card & Spirit Readings
             ABRAHAM ON ATTRACTING POSITIVE THINGS                                                       321-327-8881
                         INTO OUR EXPERIENCE:                                      Medium
            You only have to understand a few things. You only
            have to be able to apply the laws in one wee area of
            your life in order for you to then be able to apply
            them in all areas of your life. And the easiest way to do        Janice Scott-Reeder, AA, BA, Druid
            it without understanding anything – you don’t have to know
                                                                              Licensed Psychic, Astrologer, Broward County, FL
            about Law of Attraction, all you have to know is that it feels   Master Tarotist, Hypnotherapist, Psychometry, Spirit Contact
            better to think good things about others. You don’t have to     954-698-6926  (Coconut Creek 33073)
            understand the laws of Deliberate Creation, all you have to
            know is that you feel better when you feel better, and then      Facebook: CosmicSalamander or CosmicJanice
            pay attention to the sorts of thoughts that feel bad and the
            sorts of thoughts that feel good, and develop some new habits.
            That is all.                                                 Rev. Andy Conyer

            If you said nothing to your sister, or to your son, or to your for-
            mer mate, other than, “I think you are wonderful, and I think
            we’re all trying to find our way of being wonderful. I know   UNITY LIFE ENRICHMENT CENTRE 863-471-1122
            inside each of us there is a wonderful being, and I want to see   10417 S. Orange Blossom Blvd, Sebring, FL 33875
            it in you, and I want to see it in me,” and whether you speak   Email
            it to their face or just speak it in your mind, they get the mes-
            sage, and you benefit, and so do they, from such a message.

            Carry that book of positive aspects around with you and put            Crow’s Crossroads Shoppe
            it in obvious places so that you are inspired to pick it up and            Aurora Collins Owner/Psychic Consultant
            look through it often, for, as you look for the positive aspects           Readings, Classes,  Aura Readings
            in your experience, it is by law - a law that you don’t need to             Tarot, Crystals, Herbs, Jewelry
            know, a law that you don’t have to understand, but a law that                    3810 SE Lake Weir Ave, Ocala, FL 34480
            exists nevertheless - it is by law that you must begin to attract   352-235-0558                      Email
            positive things into your experience.

                ABRAHAM ON POINTING YOUR BOAT IN                 is that, 'I’ve got to control the conditions of my life somehow
                         THE RIGHT DIRECTION:                    in order to be a deliberate creator.' And what we are wanting
                                                                 you to understand is that you have no business whatsoever
            Sometimes when you think you’re talking about how    attempting to control even one condition of your life. What
            much you want something, what you’re really doing    you’re wanting to control is your position in the stream. The
                                                                 stream will take care of the conditions.
            is talking about how bad you feel in not getting it.
            And so what you want to do is not worry so much about the   This process of turning in the stream may very well be about
            subject at hand, and be aware of the feeling in your belly,   asking the questions to which you know the positive good
            and when you don’t feel good, do everything in your power to   feeling answer. And so the key to turning in the stream is ask-
            make the knot go away. Do everything in your power to just   ing the questions that you know will turn you. If you let your
            release the tension.
                                                                 intent be to turn in the stream, we think you’ll ask different
                                                                 questions than if your intent is to turn your boat and row all
            Many of you have this idea and it’s erroneous, it’s not fact   the way to what you want.
            based, it isn’t accurate, it has nothing to do with the knowl-
            edge you had when you came forth, and it defies all the laws                 ...continued on page 28...
            of the universe, but still many of you hold on to it... and that
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