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To welcome                                             2401 N. Harbor City Blvd
                               all people                                                       Melbourne, FL 32935
                                  and                                                          321.254.0313
                              our oneness                                               SUNDAY Services
                                with God                                                9:30 and 11:00am
                                  Rev.                                                    Sunday school at 11:00am
                                Beth Head                                                  Child care both services
                              welcomes you      A Positive Path For Spiritual Living

            Thursdays October 4th - October 25th 9:30-         Monday, October 15th
            11:30am OVERVIEW: HEBREW SCRIPTURES                9:00am – Thursday,
            Facilitator: Paul Esche                            October 18th Noon
            Come to this class to learn the stories of the Old Testament – who   Southeast Region Unity
            wrote them and how they were written. Paul will also be teach-  Conference: Awakening
            ing this class at Unity of Vero Beach on Thursday evenings from   to a New Paradigm
                                                               Join Unity people from all over
                                                               the Southeast Region as we
                               Monday October 8th 7pm          share the music of Daniel Nah-
                               SOUND HEALING                   mod, various workshops to en-
                               Facilitators: Vashti Saint      hance our lives and great fun and
                               Germain and James Trufan        fellowship.  For more information
                               Time for Heaven on Earth.  Lay back
                               and journey with the hypnotic sounds   se-regional-conference
                               of Sacred Grandmother Drum (Rain-
                               bow Warrior) and the vibrations of a   Thursday, November
                               Paiste Symphonic Gong.  Between   1st 6:30pm A Hallowed Evening: Celebrating Love
                               Father Sky and Mother Earth, you will   Join us on All Saint’s Day  for a “Holy Evening” general me-
                               be transported to a new realm of inner   morial honoring departed loved ones and life’s losses with readings,
                               peace.                          song, silence, ritual and meditation.  At this contemplative service you are
                                                               invited to bring a picture or memento and, if so moved, speak a brief tribute.

            Tuesdays, October 9th – November 13th              Thursday, November 6th 9:45am or Wednesday, No-
            10:00-11:45 am                                     vember 7th 6:30pm New Class: The 12 Super powers
            Stress Less Workshop                               of Christmas Facilitator: Maggie Rosche
                                                               Make understanding the 12 gifts of your Christ/ Super-Hero nature part of
            Facilitator: Dr. Christina Gillman                 a holiday metaphysical make-over. In this class we’ll take an “up close and
            Change your life with practice of Meditation, Breathing Methods,   personal” look at the higher powers which are the “image and likeness” of
            Mindfulness, Journaling, EFT Tapping and Sharing in a sup-  God in us through prayer, practice, song, silence and conversation.
            portive group.  Moving from Panic to Peace is Possible during a
            hurricane, elections or personal crises once we learn these skills.    This will be an experience of both affirming our Christ Consciousness and
            Past workshop members have said; "Don't know what I'd do with-  allowing it to be born as us in the midst of holiday (and everyday) blessings
            out it.  It calms you down." "Very helpful and just at the right time.”    and challenges. As our working knowledge of Truth Principles deepens, the
            Dr. Chris earned a Doctorate in Counseling at Boston University,   12 Powers become vehicles for manifestation of an authentic life, creating
            worked 25 years as a Psychologist, taught at Universities and has   in us a “renewed mind,” harmonious relationships, and a new earth.
            facilitated many workshops.
                                                               The class can be taken for personal growth or for SEE credit and will be
                        Sunday, October 15 6:30pm              offered in both Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening sessions. Four
                        Daniel Nahmod In Concert               student minimum per class. A love offering will be taken.
                        Los Angeles-based Singer/Songwriter and
                        Humanitarian DANIEL NAHMOD (www.Dan-             ONGOING EVENTS
              , pronounced Nay-mod‚) has
                        performed his profound, heart-opening original
                        music for over one million people in 45 U.S.         First Sunday of the Month
            states and Canada since beginning his music career in 1999...   Reiki Healing Service after both Sunday Service
            Selling 90,000 CDs to date and receiving literally thousands of
            standing ovations along the way. 15 of his songs have been re-  Noon Prayer Service Tuesdays and Thursdays
            corded by over 50 artists in the past few years, and are performed
            all over the world on a weekly basis.  Recent media appearances   Tuesdays – Course In Miracles 7:00pm
            of Daniel's music include NBC, FOX, CNN, PBS, and E! MTV,
            History, IFC, Bravo, and movie theaters across the United States.
                                                                    Wednesdays – Melbourne LGBT AA 6:30pm

                Join us in a Journey of Spiritual Discovery
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