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Herb Corner

                                                                      Cecelia Avitabile of The Herb Corner and Learning Center in
                                                                 Melbourne FL is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with  a Masters
                                                                   of Herbalism degree and over 20 years of  herbal experience.  A
                                                                   member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the
                                                                   American Herbalist Guild. Visit 321-757-7522
                                                                      Herbs for Lung Health

                                                                 Our  lungs  take  in allergens  like pollen,  animal dander,
                                                                 dust  and  mold,  irritants like  smoke,  air  pollution  or
                                                                 perfumes  and  other  airborne  chemicals; and  filters  them
               Take Control of Your Health With                  out before  they  enter  the  bloodstream.  To remove these
                                                                 irritants  the  respiratory  system  responds  with  reflex  actions
             Herbs - Mankind’s Oldest Medicine                   such as postnasal  drip, coughing  and  sneezing.  However,
                 Herbs have been used as a standard practice     overtime continual exposure to these substances can lead to
             of complementary health-care for  thousands  of     chronic  inflammation  in  the  lungs  causing  chronic  bronchitis,
             years. History has accumulated a vast knowledge     asthma,  emphysema,  pulmonary  or  cystic  fibrosis.  It  is  also
             of healing with plants providing us with a huge vari-  interesting  to  note  that  lung  problems can  also occur  after
             ety of healing options.                             emotional or traumatic experiences which affect the adrenal
                 There are over 750,000 plants on the planet     glands.  For some  people  chest infections  occur shortly  after
             Earth and they all contain chemical  compounds      a period of grief, sorrow or depression. Even the over-use of
             that can be converted into hormones, vitamins and   some medications can keep the lungs form functioning properly.
             minerals that address the root cause of the condi-         Nutritional deficiencies can be part of the problem especially
             tion, not just the symptoms. They work like preci-  magnesium deficiencies according to the Journal of American
             sion instruments providing over-all support for the  Medical  Association  many  asthmatics  showed  significant
             body. The Herb Corner carries all your herbal needs  improvement to their condition when magnesium was introduced.
             and all herbs are 100% organic.                     This is because magnesium helps reduce the histamine response
                                                                 and  helps relax smooth muscles opening  the  bronchial  tubes
               Master Herbalist & Certified Nutritional Consultant on Staff  reducing spasms. Omega-3 fatty acids and flax vitamins B6, A, E,
                                                                 C and zinc also play an important role in the health of the lungs.
             We Sell More Than Just Herbs!                             Herbs do well with many lung problems. Herbs are beneficial
                                                                 because they help to strengthen the whole respiratory system,
             Unique Jewelry- Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets,        so  the  triggers  have  less  of  an  impact  to  the  lungs.  If  you
                                                                 already  have  a  history  of lung  weakness  using  general  lung
             Earrings, , Raw and Tumbled Gemstones,              tonic  herbs  may reduce  some of  the  symptoms.  Holy Basil
             Gemstone Animals, Eggs & Spheres, Salt Lamps in     acts  as  an  expectorant  and  helps when  there  is shortness  of
             various sizes and shapes, Sage,  Candles, multi-    breath  or  bronchial  spasms.  Cubeb  Berries  are an  excellent
             colored LED lightboxes,, Lip Balms,                 long-term respiratory herb acting as a lung and adrenal tonic.
             Headache Sticks, Bar & Liquid                       Elderberry acts as an antiviral, specifically to the lungs plus,
             Soaps, Salves, food-grade Essential                 it  helps  remove  mucous  form the  lungs.  Another  herb  that
             Oils, Unique Tea Diffusers, Tea Pots                does this is Mullein; it works better in combination with other
             & Oriental Mugs, Herbal Tumblers                    herbs. Elecampane acts as a lung tonic, it is warming to a wet
             and much, much more!!!                              cough,  it  increases  expectoration,  it  soothes  irritated  tissue
                                                                 and it works like an antibiotic and antimicrobial to the lungs.
                                                                 Other herbs that can do this are Garlic and Osha. Some other
               Specializing In All Natural Products              herbs that encourage expectoration of mucous are Coltsfoot,
                                                                 Fenugreek and Sesame seeds. Antitussive herbs like Coltsfoot,
                    The Herb Corner                              Horehound  and  Wild Cherry help  reduce  coughing,  especially
                                                                 when  the  cough  is so persistent  that  the  person needs  rest.
                          and Learning Center                    These should only be used when the person has been coughing
                                                                 for  long periods of time  and  needs  to get  some rest  from
                         Hours: Wed-Fri. 10-5, Sat. 11-3         the  coughing.  Demulcent  herbs like  Licorice,  Marshmallow,
                                                                 Slippery  Elm  and  Mullein  help to  coat  and  soothe  irritated
                277 N. Babcock St., Melbourne * 321-757-7522     tissue preventing an inflamed throat due to excessive coughing.
                                                                 Bronchodilators like  Elecampane and  Ginger help  open the
                                     bronchiole by relaxing  the  muscles in the  bronchiole tubes
                                                                 making it easier to breathe. Herbs have many actions within
                                                                 the respiratory system. Matching these actions to the condition
                                                                 and  the  specific  symptoms  makes  them  more  effective.
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