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               QUESTION "WHY DO DOGS FIGHT?"                            True Answers + Real Results
            ABRAHAM:  As we talk about the beasts of the planet mostly
            being in alignment, so it would seem odd if someone who were
            in alignment would pick a fight. But, in order to understand
            why that particular fight might be happening, you'd have to un-  Kornucopia          386-963-4898
            derstand who those particular dogs are, or what was going on.
            Does it surprise you that they have opinions or desires? Does it   12093 CR 137 • Wellborn, FL 32094
            surprise you that a dog would want his space or his food? Does   Tues thru Fri 10am - 5pm, Saturdays 10am - 3pm
            that surprise you? Do they seem completely unintentional?  Antiques, Vintage Collectibles, Chime Candles,
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            So, anytime someone has an intention that feels threatened
            by someone else, in that misunderstanding that their well-
            being is being threatened by somebody else, whether it's a
            human or an animal - there's some of that involved. Animals
            have intentions, too. Usually the intentions of the beasts are
            misunderstood by humans who would like to superimpose their
            intentions over. But there are a lot of innate characteristics in
            the beasts of your planet that are part of who they are for the
            continuation of their existence, you see.

            QUESTION: "… I work with dogs. And I'm often called about   was. Moved to where the food was. Moved to where the chal-
            dogs that are a little bit on the jerkier side. Fighting and   lenges weren't.
            things. And I'd like some solutions. I do integrate a lot of your
            teachings into our humans. Kind of help them control their   But any time any physical consciousness, whether it's human
            expectations, control their vibrations, because what I notice is  or animal, gets into this shortage consciousness state, where
            beasts are more energy driven."                      they believe that something that is important to them is being
                                                                 challenged, then there is a  defensiveness that comes forth.
            ABRAHAM: Generally speaking, and we know you'll appreci-  And you can trace it back to every animal behavior, study, or
            ate this, and we know you understand this, is that… And it's   science that you've ever seen. And it is true of humans.
            true of humans, too. You have yourself caught in this uncom-
            fortable position of following your own alignment and social-  THE ANIMALS ASK: WHY DO YOU FIGHT SO MUCH
            izing with others. And socialization feels like compromise to   WITH EACH OTHER? WHY DO YOU NOT JUST MOVE
            you. And yet, over time, you sort of are like the horse that is   TO A SPACE WHERE YOU FEEL BETTER?
            broken. You give in to the socialization, even though you don't   WHY IS FIGHTING YOUR FIRST DEFENSE,
            like it. And the beasts of your planet, who are domesticated   WHEN FOR US IT IS OUR LAST DEFENSE?
            or socialized, are a bit like you, while the animals who are in
            the wild are behaving more from their own sense of freedom.   And the answer to the question is: It has to do with the
            And so, it's a typical thing when you see animals that are not   socialization of you, because… In your not-connection…which
            being cornered, or who are not being challenged by something,  then fosters vulnerability and shortage consciousness, you are
            they just keep migrating to something that's better for them.   always more defensive. In your alignment, in your empower-
            They do a much better job than humans do of just moving to a  ment, in your autonomy, in your sufficiency, then you are
            space that feels better.                             softer.
            And you hear about earlier parts of your civilization. That's the
            way man was at one time, too. In his less civilized state, man               ...continued on page 27...
            migrated to what he wanted more. Moved to where the water

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