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THIS MONTH’S                       the beverage station is simply a wall of teas and coffees on
                                                                 shelves next to a water cooler and  a small round table and
                                 THOUGHTS                        chairs, but it’s all in one place so you can sit and chat and
                                                                 have tea.
                                     ABOUT                       Plans changed and they stayed with family but by then I’d
                                                                 gotten the bug! I’d had so much fun setting up temporary
                                   THINGS...                     quarters in the back bedroom that I decided I wanted that to
                                                                 be my room now.

                                 “In the company of one who is living   THE INDIGO CAVE IS BACK! I decided to swap rooms to
            Andrea de Michaelis  Love, you can’t help but spring into   have my bedroom on the west side of the house adjacent to
                                 that Love.”  - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
                                                                 the office. Due to my odd sleep schedule, my bedroom must
             Publisher in 2016
                                                                 be a dark, cool, cozy haven in the middle of the bright day-
            Hello and welcome to the January 2018 Horizons       light of daytime. I installed dark out panels and heavy royal
                                                                 blue velvet drapes. It now gets pitch black. It reminds me of
            Magazine. 2017 was a good year for me but I’m        a psychomanteum I'd set up years ago when I was doing that
            ready for some changes, how about you? Last month    kind of work, and it's that energy that the velvet drapes hold.
            I decided to switch bedrooms for the first time in 33 years.   It makes a perfect sensory deprivation room, perfect for in-
            I like to change things up in my house because it helps me   ducing relaxation and altered states.
            reroute the neural pathways in my brain to keep me out of a
            rut. I like to look around me and see things in different loca-  One entire wall is floor to ceiling mirrors, so I also put the
            tions than I typically keep them. It keeps my mind active and   blue drapes on a sliding rod to cover them as I sleep. The win-
            all the movement of furniture arranging keeps my body happy.  dow looks out to an open expanse of sky, the only view like
                                                                 that from inside my house which is under a deep oak canopy. I
            It began with me preparing the house for friends who’d be   like looking out at the night sky from the bed. And the window
            traveling through. I like to give them the master bedroom so   being 3 feet away (instead of 13!) lets me hear all the night
            they can have a self contained honeymoon suite and I was   time sounds all night long. It’s almost like camping out.
            having fun setting it up. I moved my stuff into the smaller
            back bedroom then went into the kitchen to set about cre-                    ...continued on page 29...
            ating a café type setting next to the beverage station. Ok,
              Love? Money? Travel? Learn what 2018 holds in store for you.

            PSYCHIC FAIR                                          SATURDAY & SUNDAY

                                                                      JANUARY 20-21
                                                                  MERRITT ISLAND, FL
            $12 for a 10 minute mini-reading:              Behind McDonald’s north of 520
             Saturday January 20 11am-4pm
             Daena Croghan: Psychic medium, Angel Readings   Sunday Fair  January 21 11am- 4pm
             Kathryn Flanagan: Intuitive Channel, Tarot, Psychic Medium   Daena Croghan: Psychic medium, Angel Readings
             Maria Torano: Psychic, Medium, Cross-Over Readings  Kathryn Flanagan: Intuitive Channel, Tarot, Psychic Medium
             Robin Higgins:  Clairvoyant Medium, Channeling   Maria Torano: Psychic, Medium, Cross-Over Readings
             Tuning Fork Healings by George Stankus MA13729  Robin Higgins:  Clairvoyant Medium, Channeling
             Leslie Marlar  Astrology Saturday ONLY      Kim Danbert: Psychic-Medium Tarologist
             Kim Danbert: Psychic-Medium Tarologist      Tuning Fork Healings by George Stankus MA13729   Our Next Fair is
                                                         Jen Padgett:  Massage MA79795 Sunday ONLY
                                                                                                      March 17-18

                             BOOK AND BEAD OUTLET

                             Hundreds of Books, Beads, Tarot Decks, Gifts
                             950 N. Courtenay Pkwy                  Mon - Fri 10am-6pm
                             Merritt Island, FL 32953               Saturday 10am-5pm
                             321-453-2665                            Sunday 11am-3pm

               Visit   See coupon at website for day of fair

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