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                                 INNER PEACE AND CALM WITH THE HEART-

                                 BRAIN QUICK COHERENCE® TECHNIQUE

                                  New York Times best-selling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science,
                                  spirituality and the real world. Since 1986 Gregg has explored high mountain villages, remote monasteries and
                                  forgotten texts to merge their timeless secrets with the science of today.

             This meditation is a powerful technique       As you slow your breathing, you are sending a signal to your body in
             that will allow you to shift from stressed-   general, and your heart specifically, that you are in a place that is safe
             out to instant inner peace and calm. The      and it’s okay to turn your attention inward.
             technique cultivates heart-brain coherence — what
             athletes call being in “the zone” — and is appropri-  STEP 2: ACTIVATE A POSITIVE FEELING
             ately called the Quick Coherence® Technique and   Activate a Positive Feeling. Make a sincere attempt to experience
             has been refined into two simple steps that you can   a regenerative feeling such as appreciation or care for someone or
             do right now — wherever you are.              something in your life. The easiest way to do this is to think of a beau-
                                                           tiful place you have been or to think of a very close friend or loved
             INCREASE INTUITION                            one.
             Independently, each of the following steps sends
             a signal to your body that a specific shift to peace   The key in this step is to first create the feeling, to the best of your
             and calm has been put into motion. Combined, the   ability, and then to embrace the feeling, again to the best of your
             steps create an experience that takes us back to   ability.
             a natural inner harmony that existed in our bod-
             ies earlier in life, before we began to separate our   Your ability to sustain the feeling is what maintains the optimal con-
             heart-brain network through our conditioning.  versation between your heart and your brain.

             STEPS FOR QUICK COHERENCE®                    As with any skill, you’ll find, I think, that the more you practice
             STEP 1: HEART FOCUS & STEADY BREATH           creating coherence between your heart and your brain, the easier it
                                                           becomes to do so and find that inner balance. And the more you con-
             HEART FOCUS. Shift your focus into the area of   sciously practice this 2-step meditation, the more natural the experi-
             your heart, and begin to breathe a little more   ence of achieving coherence begins to feel to you.
             slowly than usual, as if your breath is coming from
             your heart.                                   With the growing level of ease in achieving heart-brain coherence,
                                                           you’ll also discover your ability to sustain the connection between
             This step is a powerful technique unto itself and   your heart and your brain for longer periods of time.
             can be used when you’re feeling overwhelmed by
             the day’s events or when you simply desire to be   Finding inner peace and balance will be something you can begin to
             more connected with yourself.                 cultivate at will, allowing you to be more resilient when conditions in
                                                           your life become more challenging and stressful. You can practice this
                                                           technique anywhere and any time.

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