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To welcome                                             2401 N. Harbor City Blvd
                               all people                                                       Melbourne, FL 32935
                                  and                                                          321.254.0313
                              our oneness                                               SUNDAY Services
                                with God                                                9:30 and 11:00am
                                  Rev.                                                    Sunday school at 11:00am
                                Beth Head                                                  Child care both services
                              welcomes you      A Positive Path For Spiritual Living

                                          SOUND HEALING
                                          Monday August 13th 7:00pm
                                          Facilitators: Vashti Saint Germain and
                                          James Trufan. Time for Heaven on Earth.
                                          Lay back and journey with the hypnotic sounds
                                          of Sacred Grandmother Drum (Rainbow Warrior)
                                          and the vibrations of a Paiste Symphonic Gong.
                                          Between Father Sky and Mother Earth, you will
                                          be transported to a new realm of inner peace

                HOW TO PRAY WITHOUT                                THE HIDDEN STEPS ON YOUR
                TALKING TO GOD                                     SPIRITUAL JOURNEY
                Starting Tues and Wed                              Thursday, August 16th 6:30pm
                In this class, based on Rev Martella-Whitsett’s award   Facilitated by Ken Thornton
                winning book How To Pray Without Talking To
                God: Moment By Moment–Choice By Choice, you        What makes us tick? As above, so below. We will be
                are invited to dive into the heart of the Unity prayer   exploring the structure of the ladder to God, the laws that
                method - praying from a consciousness of God.      determine how Creation works, and the ways this affects
                                                                   your spiritual journey.
                This involves getting clear about the nature of the
                divine, your own nature, and how things work in the   Join us in using this affirmation as we enter the search
                Universe (Unity Principles 1, 2, and 3). There will be   process for our next minister:
                time for song, spoken and silent prayer, discussion
                and sharing, as well as for practice praying for self   “We see all those involved in the selection process for our
                and others.                                        next minster as being filled with the spirit of divine love
                                                                   and wisdom, guided and directed towards the employment
                The subject may be basic Unity principle and       of the right minister for the highest good of this ministry.
                practice, but this is not small stuff. This is where the   And so it is. Thank you God.”
                rubber meets the road. This is about choosing con-
                scious participation in the ongoing creative process,
                the process of God here and now.  This is about
                living Unity Principles #4 and #5, the conscious prac-      ONGOING EVENTS
                tice of the Presence of God.
                                                                  First Sunday of the Month - Reiki Healing Service
                As Jim Rosemergy reiterates in his prayer journey            after both Sunday Service
                The Gathering: “Life is consciousness.” And a
                consciousness of the divine is the answer to prayer.    Noon Prayer Service Tuesdays and Thursdays
                Lets’s explore!!                                       Tuesdays – Course In Miracles 7:00pm
                                                                     Wednesdays – Melbourne LGBT AA 6:30pm

                Join us in a Journey of Spiritual Discovery
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