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            TESTIMONIAL: I appreciate the time you spent with me. The concert I was having such a hard time remembering was Patti LaBelle -- that was
            Kenny’s favorite singer. It’s funny this particular event came up in the reading Sunday because Sunday and Monday are the Mexican celebration
            for departed loved ones -- I was just wondering to myself what the greatest moment we had together in our short 4 years together, and for some
            reason I didn’t think of this concert. This WAS definitely our best activity together and it took me coming to see you to remind me of that. Thank
            you for the piece of mind you have given me.  Chris
            TESTIMONIAL: Nellie, you said some things about an uncle my mother had that I never knew about. You mentioned he was a musician, and he
            was very well known. The next day I called my mom in Hungary and she started to cry, she verified everything you said. I never knew he existed
            up until you told me about him. At the time of the reading, you told me that he was there with me, it was a life turning experience for me.Thank you
            so much Nellie. Klara
            TESTIMONIAL: Nellie, This is going to be short because I can not describe what happened to me today but I am at peace with myself after a
            very long time! You took me in a 1/2 hour early today and then made time for a friend of mine - so appreciated! And you spent extra time with me!!
            Feel like I won the lottery! I feel like the biggest dark cloud has been taken away from my life.  I can not describe the happiness I feel - no words to
            describe the peace of mind I have! I do not remember so much peace! Some day I will write and explain more but just can’t put it into words right
            now!  THANK YOU! Maggie   I will be back!!!
            TESTIMONIAL:  Hello Nellie, I was so impressed with you when we met in March for a reading that I felt I had to see you again. You told me
            many personal things about family and friends that only I knew about. You also told me about changes that would happen that would effect my
            business.   One by one the changes did start  happening just as you described. You have a wonderful gift, Nellie and I am looking so forward to
            our next appointment in October!  Thanks, Janette
                    Rev.  Albert J.  Bowes

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                                                                                               Found lost boats,
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               The Heat!  Phone
               readings are just     Scientifically  proven accuracy.                        Was invited to Russia
               as accurate as in                                                             where he took part in
               person readings          He has taught Parapsychology 1 & 2 at               research with psychics
                                                 the University of Florida                      and scientists.

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