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Herb Corner

                                                                      Cecelia Avitabile of The Herb Corner and Learning Center in
                                                                 Melbourne FL is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with  a Masters
                                                                   of Herbalism degree and over 20 years of  herbal experience.  A
                                                                   member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the
                                                                   American Herbalist Guild. Visit 321-757-7522
                                                                       OH! MY ACHING HEAD

                                                                 I’ve had numerous headaches some of them
                                                                 quite severe. I’ve had sinus headaches with pain at my
                                                                 forehead and check-bones, tension headaches with band-
               Take Control of Your Health With                  like throbbing pressure and tension at the base of my head,
                                                                 cluster headaches on one-side of my head. But by far the
              Herbs - Mankind’s Oldest Medicine                  worst headache for me is a migraine. Usually they begin
                 Herbs have been used as a standard practice     with what I call a lightening bolt in my field of vision causing
             of complementary health-care for  thousands  of     visual problems and a strong sensitivity to light and noise
             years. History has accumulated a vast knowledge     when they are real bad I’ve vomited. Thankfully they don’t
             of healing with plants providing us with a huge vari-  happen often anymore.    When I was younger a neurologist
             ety of healing options.                             prescribed a medication that I later found out had some very
                 There are over 750,000 plants on the planet     serious side-effects so I did some research. I kept a migraine
             Earth and they all contain chemical  compounds      journal and found that my migraines were cyclical; when
             that can be converted into hormones, vitamins and   I got my hormones in balance using Wild Yam, Dong-Quai,
             minerals that address the root cause of the condi-  Black Cohosh, Vitex, Ginger, Sage, Dandelion and Licorice the
             tion, not just the symptoms. They work like preci-  headaches went away. Now that I am a bit older I’ve noticed
             sion instruments providing over-all support for the  that the few migraines I get are triggered by certain lighting
             body. The Herb Corner carries all your herbal needs  conditions. When I feel one coming on I get out my headache
                                                                 oil made with 1oz. Jojoba oil, 10drops of Peppermint and
             and all herbs are 100% organic.
                                                                 Lavender essential oils and 5drops of Camphor oil rubbing
               Master Herbalist & Certified Nutritional Consultant on Staff  this mixture on my temples. I also take out my smelling salts
                                                                 made with Sea Salt, Peppermint and Lavender essential oils
              We Sell More Than Just Herbs!                      I sit quietly deeply inhaling this for a few minutes it seems
                                                                 the earlier I do this the less likely I am to develop a migraine.
                                                                 Before you start using herbs for your headaches try to find
              Unique Jewelry- Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets,       the cause; there are many. Headaches can be from food
              Earrings, , Raw and Tumbled Gemstones,             allergies, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, kidney
              Gemstone Animals, Eggs & Spheres, Salt Lamps in    imbalances, stress, fatigue, constipation or weather changes.
              various sizes and shapes, Sage,  Candles, multi-   If your headaches are due to stress and tension Antispasmodic
              colored LED lightboxes,, Lip Balms,                herbs can relieve tension and relax the muscles in your neck
              Headache Sticks, Bar & Liquid                      Black Cohosh, Crampbark and Skullcap may be of help.
              Soaps, Salves, food-grade Essential                   Alternative Blood Purifiers like Red Clover, Milk Thistle,
              Oils, Unique Tea Diffusers, Tea Pots               Burdock, Dandelion will help with headaches due to
              & Oriental Mugs, Herbal Tumblers                   environmental toxins and because the are highly nutritive they
                                                                 will help with headaches due to nutritional deficiencies.
              and much, much more!!!
                                                                    Bitter herbs help headaches due to constipation or other
                                                                 digestive problems they also benefit the liver removing
               Specializing In All Natural Products              environmental toxins Dandelion, Yarrow, Wood Betony, Black
                                                                 Cohosh are a few that can be effective for this.   To help
                     The Herb Corner                             relieve sinus inflammation, congestion and pain try Elder,
                                                                 Goldenrod, Yarrow, Rosemary and Ginger.    For pain reduction
                          and Learning Center                    White Willow and Meadow Sweet contain salicylic acid the
                                                                 compound found in aspirin. Other pain reducing herbs are
                                                                 Jamacian Dogwood, California Poppy, Cayenne and Passion
                         Hours: Wed-Fri. 10-5, Sat. 11-3         Flower.    A simple tea blend may just be Peppermint and
                 277 N. Babcock St., Melbourne * 321-757-7522    Chamomile. Another blend I like is 1part Chrysanthemum,
                                                                 1/10-part Lavender, 1part Oat straw, 1part Passion Flower,
                                     1/10 part Roses, 1/4part California poppy and 1/4part
                                                                 Jamacian Dogwood.    If your headaches are chronic please
                                                                 see your physician to find out the exact cause and do your own
                                                                 research to get to the root cause then your healing can begin.
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