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            ABRAHAM-HICKS                                               Rev. Andy Conyer

                              Abraham is a group of nonphysical teachers,   UNITY LIFE ENRICHMENT CENTRE 863-471-1122
                              speaking their broader  perspective through
                              Esther Hicks.    Author of Ask & It Is Given,   10417 S. Orange Blossom Blvd, Sebring, FL 33875
                              The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, The   Email
                              Vortex, Where Law of Attraction Assembles
                              All Cooperative Relationships and NY Times
                              Best Seller, Money and the Law of Attraction,
                                                                             Janice Scott-Reeder, AA, BA, Druid
            ABRAHAM ON JOY:
                                                                              Licensed Psychic, Astrologer, Broward County, FL
                                                                            Master Tarotist, Hypnotherapist, Psychometry, Spirit Contact
            Seek Joy First and Foremost. Seek reasons to offer words of
            praise to yourself and others. Seek beauty in Nature. Seek rea-  954-698-6926  (Coconut Creek 33073)
            sons to love in every segment of every day. Look for something   Facebook: CosmicSalamander or CosmicJanice
            that brings forth within you a feeling of love. Seek that which
            uplifts you. Seek opportunity to offer that which uplifts an-
            other. Seek a feeling of Well-Being. Know that your value can
            only be measured in terms of Joy. Acknowledge your absolute
            freedom to do any of these things.. or not do any...of these    CLASSES FORMING
            things... for it is without exception your choice - in every mo-  Reiki 1 & 2,  July
            ment of every day.                                              Sacred Geometry 1,  August
                                                                            Adept 1 Initiation, September
                                                                 321-543-8882           Duncan Bowen, PhD.
            Your work is not to MAKE it happen. Your work is to LET it hap-
            pen. And you let it happen by possibility thinking, not negative
            thinking, by hopeful thinking; not doubtful thinking. By believ-
            ing it will come rather than doubting it will come. By talking
            yourself into feeling good. By acknowledging the well-being.
            By reading the fairy tales. By not listening to people who don't
            have what they want, but listening to the people who do have
            what they want. Go up to every couple who obviously are liv-
            ing happily ever after and say, "Tell me your story of how you
            came together." And listen to the incredible tales they will tell
            you of how the Universe arranged their rendezvous. And it will
            make you begin believing in the possibility of rendezvous as
            they tell you the variety of things... All you have to do is say,
            "I'm ready!"                                                          1951 Stimson St.       ROCK SHOP,
                                                                                Jacksonville, FL 32210   CANDLES,
            It’s so nice when you fall in love, and you have this person that                            INCENSE,
                                                                                                        HERBS, OILS,
            you're focused upon for a little while in positive ways before     (904) 389-3690           BOOKS, TAROT,
            you get to know each other, and in that exhilaration all kinds         MORE
            of things start lining up for you because you have an object of    Open Wed - Sunday 10am - 6pm    Closed Monday & Tuesday
            attention that is sort of holding you in the Receptive Mode.
            We just want to say to you that you have the ability to put
            yourself in the Receptive Mode, and you have the ability to   even better. So you rendezvous more frequently with more of
            milk it and stay there longer, until before long you've flipped   the things that you do want. And then, of course, it gets easier
            your vibrational mix and you’re more ready for more things.  and easier. It's not difficult if you're living a lovely life to focus
                                                                 upon the loveliness of your life. But you know, there are some
            And that's why you look at someone who is on one of those   people who are living really lovely lives in one aspect, and
            tracks and you say you are so lucky. And often from your not   they still complain about the stuff in another aspect. And be-
            tuned in perspective, you assign reasons for the success - "Oh,   fore long, the loveliness just sort of dwindles away. They don't
            you inherited it" or "Oh, you were just lucky" - you don't let   sustain it very long because you cannot focus in opposition to
            yourself explain to yourself the real reason. And this is the   who you are and get what you're wanting.
            real reason: You've found some way to be in a receptive mode
            where you have particularly good timing, and as you started
            noticing that you had particularly good timing, your timing got            ...continued on page 28...

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