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                                      KNOWN AS YOUR LIFE

                                Pam Grout is the author of 16 books, three plays, a television series, and two iPhone apps. She writes for People
                                magazine,, Huffington Post, and her travel blog, Find out more
                                about Pam and her out-of-the-box take on life on her website:

                                      “Everything is a prop to help us love more.”—Sue Morter

            In Thank & Grow Rich, I mentioned the “visual” I
            used to prove that spending your life watching tele-
            vision is probably not the best use of your time.

            I’d like to use this optical illusion to make my point.
            If you’ve seen drawings like this, you already know that the
            big, ferocious monster chasing the little monster is actually
            the same size.

            Optical illusions are great examples to prove how “off” our
            senses usually are. Our brains, as I like to say, are reducing
            valves, not reliable witnesses. The weirdest part is that we
            believe what our senses report down to the last detail.
            When you really think about how faulty are senses are, it’s
            quite ironic that we trust them so implicitly. And it’s downright
            damaging that we use these false-spouting senses to judge. We
            use them to judge ourselves, others, the world around us.

            It’s not that the act of judging is being yanked away.
                                                                 When we give our thoughts over to love, we learn that only
            It’s that our human bodies don’t have the proper “equipment”   good can come to us. We learn that everything, no matter how
            to judge. We literally limit the world and create a hologram to  it may look, is a prop for love. Especially those monsters that
            match our limited thinking.                          appear to be chasing us.

            The good news is we also have access to a connection that’s   So today, you can either believe the optical illusion of your
            much more reliable. When we give our thoughts over to love,   senses, you can believe in the monsters or you can know that
            to the universal energy, all pain, disaster, suffering and loss   your true reality is love and that you are here to extend that
            disappears. It literally evaporates.                 love, to create and to dance for joy.

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