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            ABRAHAM-HICKS                                                         Reverend Robyn Stevens

                                                                                                                          Card & Spirit Readings
                              Abraham is a group of nonphysical teachers,          Psychic
                              speaking their broader  perspective through                                       321-327-8881
                              Esther Hicks.    Author of Ask & It Is Given,        Medium
                              The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, The
                              Vortex, Where Law of Attraction Assembles
                              All Cooperative Relationships and NY Times
                              Best Seller, Money and the Law of Attraction,
                              visit        Learning about your Past Lives through
                                                                  Oracles, taught by Kim Danbert
                                                                  Saturday, Feb. 16  11am -- 1pm
                      An Abraham-Hicks Exercise:                  At: Book and Bead Outlet, Merritt Island
            Something you might do that is a very delicious thing to do   Call 321-453-2556 to reserve your spot
            is put yourself in your bed and summon the energy. Whether   Tuition $50    All class materials included.
            you're summoning it to your face or to your toe, pick a spot
            on your body and say,  "Work on this for me, will you? Psychic
            cellular surgeons, come forth and work on me. Plump up this
            cell to its most extraordinary state of well-being. And I will lie
            here in the most relaxed state of being that I can find with an
            expectation of that."

            And what you will feel is literally a sensation within your body.
            You will literally feel… Pick a spot and feel it. Choose a spot
            on the back of your neck, or in the pit of your knee, or across
            the small of your back. Pick any spot, and as you lie there in
            that feeling…If we could keep you here for as few as 15 min-
            utes you would begin to actually feel physical movement.

                 Abraham on What Others See In You:
            If someone is arguing with you, or finding fault with you, and
            not liking what they see, say to them, and mean it lovingly
            and kindly, but mean it sincerely, "You're seeing something in
            me, that must be active in you, and I think this is more about
            you, than it is about me". So if someone is having a bad day,
            and they are angry at you, it's about their bad day, much more
            than it is about you. It's always about the beholder. Everything
            is about the beholder.
                                                                                   Crow’s Crossroads Shoppe
            So what you want to do is become more aware of what you're                 Aurora Collins Owner/Psychic Consultant
            seeing in others. That's the thing you want to be aware of.                Readings, Classes,  Aura Readings
            Don't worry about what other people are seeing in you. Don't                 Tarot, Crystals, Herbs, Jewelry
            worry about the love they're giving you, or the love they're not                 3810 SE Lake Weir Ave, Ocala, FL 34480
            giving you. Let your awareness be about what you're putting   352-235-0558                       Email
            out. Let your awareness be about how much you're loving.

            We wouldn't be running around saying, 'Who loves me or who
            doesn't love me?'. We'd be saying, 'Who do I love, what is it
            about you, that I love?'                                                                   Crystals, Books,
                                                                                                         Tarot Decks,
                                                                                                        Himalayan Salt
                Abraham on Well-Being And Attraction:                                                   Lamps, Jewelry,
            You can feel good about the flower you are looking at, or the                                 Candles,
            ocean that you are looking across, or about the smile upon the                               Unique Gifts
            face of the child. You can be focused upon something like that                              Kannaway CBD
            and be feeling utter well-being. And in that moment of that                                Oil Supplements
            basking, you are attracting the dollars that you want, you are    Reiki Sessions, Weekly Meditation, Readers
            attracting the abundance that you want, you are attracting   352-693-4592       Your Holistic and
            the mate that you want; you are attracting whatever it is that   Spiritual Healing Center
            you want. It is about vibrating and allowing, you see?   Like us on Facebook
                                                                    11781 SE HWY 441, Belleview, FL 34420 (at the Almeida Plaza)

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