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THIS MONTH’S                       I have Sam and Ben, 2 neutered male cats who are indoor/

                                 THOUGHTS                        outdoor and the man has Stella Penelope, a declawed female
                                                                 who is indoor only. The man fed another female, Pam, at his
                                                                 old place and two others followed her over. Thankfully Dag-
                                     ABOUT                       wood and Snowball , both intact males, only hung around a
                                                                 few days. Pam comes in and out as she pleases. The cats are
                                   THINGS...                     getting to know each other. Everyone is pretty chill except
                                                                 youngster Sammy, who wants to get in everyone's face and
                                                                 invade their space. Then it's a MREEOWW fest but so far hasn't
                                                                 gotten physical. Sometimes it's like playing revolving doors:
                                 “In the company of one who is living   let Sam out (or lock him in the office) so Ben and Pam can
            Andrea de Michaelis  Love, you can’t help but spring into   eat. Then take Sammy into my room at night so Ben and Pam
                                 that Love.”  - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
             Publisher in 2016                                   can have uninterrupted sleep. It's like carrying a baby with me
                                                                 all over the house, a baby that weighs 14 lbs and has claws.

            2018 HORIZONS MAGAZINE.  I took 3 weeks off at
            the holiday and boy is it hard to come back to work!  Lots   We can't always avoid confrontation and the kitties have to
            has happened since last month. Most notably, my best bud’s   learn that, too. That's why I mostly let them sort it out for
            landlord told him they were selling the house he was renting,   themselves as I watch from afar.  I learned that while Sam
            so we decided he’d move into my place. We both work from   DOES walk up to each cat and get sniffing-close while they're
            home, both fairly private and reclusive and are comfortable   trying to sleep, it's THEIR reaction that starts the fracas. If
            with each other.  I switched rooms so he could have the pri-  they ignored him, he'd soon move on. But they hiss and spit
            vate bachelor entrance. I let him have the master suite and I   and yowl, and then Sam hisses and spits back and howls, then
            moved into the west bedroom, across from my office. A friend   they box at each other a little and split up.
            removed a wall, giving the home two master suites on oppo-
            site sides of the house. This way neither of us feels crowded   It's a good reminder to me that it's not what life throws at
            and we both have lots of privacy.                    me that decides how upset I'll be, it's how I choose to re-
                                                                 spond to what is placed in my path.  Kitties, too.
                                                                                       ...continued on page 29...

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