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In Historic Cassadaga

          Rev.  Albert J.  Bowes                                                                      Nellie

              INTUITIVE LIFE COACH                                                              386-960-7434
                PSYCHIC DETECTIVE                                                     Psychic • Medium

                                                                                       Healer • Teacher

                                                                                     SCSCMA CERTIFIED CASSADAGA

           Scientifically  proven accuracy.

              He has taught Parapsychology 1 & 2 at
                      the University of Florida
               Albert has              Readings:
               sucessfully     Personal or Business                        Readings seven days a week
             worked with law
              enforcement,         By appointment                                     Call for Appointment
            archeologists, oil           Personal                                                    8am-8pm
            companies, found             Business
          lost boats, airplanes,      Career changes                                            386-960-7434
             Was invited to           Empowerment                          ASK ABOUT
            Russia, took part            Education
             in research with           Relocation                          HOUSE OF
              psychics and               Emotional                          LOVE AND
               scientists.                                                    PEACE
           386-960-7434                                                Group and Individual

           Seven days a week                                                            Dream Interpretation
           In person or by phone
                                                                                              Psychic Medium
          Read credentials, testimonies and “Visions of Time,  a book   To see what my clients say, go to my website
             written about  Albert from a research program on his
           abilities, conducted in a 4 year study by Dr. David Jones.     and See Testimonies plus Read my Bio

                                                See video at
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