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            ABRAHAM-HICKS                                               Rev. Andy Conyer

                              Abraham is a group of nonphysical teachers,   UNITY LIFE ENRICHMENT CENTRE 863-471-1122
                              speaking their broader  perspective through   10417 S. Orange Blossom Blvd, Sebring, FL 33875
                              Esther Hicks.    Author of Ask & It Is Given,   Email
                              The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, The
                              Vortex, Where Law of Attraction Assembles
                              All Cooperative Relationships and NY Times
                              Best Seller, Money and the Law of Attraction,


            You get what you expect, have you noticed that?
            You expect to survive, and so you do. You expect to
            have a roof over your head, and so you do. You expect to live
            alright, and so you do. But you don’t expect extraordinary
            things, so they don’t come. You don’t expect magnificent
            money to flow into your experience, and so it cannot get in.         SOLUTIONS OF CASSADAGA
            The only thing that comes to you is what you are expecting to   Psychic Mediums Carol & David offer intuitive
            come to you.                                                              & supportive readings.
                                                                                Phone reading special 20 mins $20
            And so, how have you been programmed to expect? You expect          Also classes, regression & hypnosis
            to decline as you age: You expect to lose your memory, you                   386-320-2696
            expect to lose your hair, you expect to lose your teeth. Do you
            see what we are saying? And so, as you expect, your body just
            follows the orders. Just as you say I want to stand up and you
            do, your body does everything that you expect it to do. The                                Crystals, Books,
            Universe responds purely to your expectation. And so every-                                  Tarot Decks,
            thing that we have talked about here today is in an effort to                               Himalayan Salt
            assist you in getting your expectations in harmony with your                               Lamps, Jewelry,
            desires so that what you are wanting and what you are expect-                                 Candles,
            ing are one and the same. That’s the purity of thought that we                               Unique Gifts
            have been talking about, wanting and expecting.                                            Kannaway CBD
                                                                                                       Oil Supplements
            And so, the way that you have to do that – we’ll say it very     Reiki Sessions, Weekly Meditation, Readers
            bluntly to you - is that you have to stop giving so much cre-  352-693-4592     Your Holistic and
            dence to the physical evidence that surrounds you. All those   Spiritual Healing Center
            statistics and all those facts – all that stuff that everybody   Like us on Facebook
            calls reality – it’s not reality. It’s garbage. It’s not reality, it is   11781 SE HWY 441, Belleview, FL 34420 (at the Almeida Plaza)
            illusionary. It is somebody else’s physical manifestation of the
            balance of their thought.
            It is not statistics that has anything to do with you. And so,   Psychic cellular surgeons, come forth and work on me. Plump
            instead of looking at all of the facts, and trying so hard,   up this cell to its most extraordinary state of well-being. And I
            rather than putting any of your attention upon the physical   will lie here in the most relaxed state of being that I can find
            evidence, if somebody quotes a statistical evidence to you,   with an expectation of that."
            just laugh - it means nothing; the statistic is worthless (all it
            is is the evidence of something that somebody else is doing, it   And what you will feel is literally a sensation within your body.
            has nothing to do with you) - and give all of your attention to   You will literally feel… Pick a spot and feel it. Choose a spot on
            your awareness of Law of Attraction, and all of your awareness   the back of your neck, or in the pit of your knee, or across the
            to the way you feel, which is a pure indication of which side   small of your back. Pick any spot, and as you lie there in that
            of the balance you are attracting from: either what is wanted   feeling…
            or the lack of it. It is really as simple as that.
                                                                 If we could keep you here for as few as 15 minutes you would
            Something you might do that is a very delicious thing to   begin to actually feel physical movement. Watch Esther's face
            do is put yourself in your bed and summon the energy.   for a minute, you're close enough to see… is there any question
            Whether you're summoning it to your face or to your toe, pick   about the energy moving there? (No, it's very obvious.) If it
            a spot on your body and say, "Work on this for me, will you?   were a dark room she would be glowing.

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