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                                              ELIMINATE THIS YEAR

                                             Pam Grout Explains Exactly What Will Change When You Do

                                 Pam Grout is the author of 16 books, three plays, a television series, and two iPhone apps. She writes for People
                                 magazine,, Huffington Post, and her travel blog, Find out more
                                 about Pam and her out-of-the-box take on life on her website:

            No matter how it may appear to the naked eye,  it’s actually quite exciting. Because it means:
            life in its pure, unadulterated form (without our
            “life sucks and then you die” consciousness laid     1.    We’re not stuck with the 3-D reality we think is “it.”
                                                                 2.    We’re not helpless victims.
            over it) is a bubbling cauldron of possibility,      3.    And there’s a whole cheerleading squad of multidimen-
            composed of pure, perfect love.                      sions just waiting for us to get with the program.

            The very fact that we still see heartache, limitations, and   What we now know is that everything we think is an objective
            death is proof that we do not understand reality at all. We   world “out there” is nothing but a reflection of what exists in
            focus in on a very narrow band of experience, completely de-  here. And by “in here” I mean the consciousness that is doing
            nying the many dimensions beyond the five physical senses.  the observing.

            Our ignorance has erected a worldview based solely on prob-  It’s totally cool that your thoughts wield this kind of influence.
            lems, on fear, on protecting ourselves from all the things that   It means that you and a relatively active imagination can cre-
            could go wrong. It has led us to separate ourselves from the   ate just about anything you desire. By sending your thoughts
            whole and to believe that this, this limited viewfinder filled   out into the quantum field as scouts, they bring back all sorts
            with individual beings, is what we have to work with.  of riches.

            But the dominant “life sucks and then you die” paradigm is   The true Reality (that we’re all one, that the world is abun-
            nothing but a fictional story, a made-up pack of lies we’ve   dant and strangely accommodating, and that love is the final
            been telling ourselves for the last . . . I don’t know . . . 40,000  answer) is starting to emerge in the hearts and minds of
            years?                                               individuals all over the planet, individuals who are standing up
                                                                 and proclaiming, “This can’t be right. There has got to be a
            Like radio signals, our thoughts broadcast our beliefs and   better way!”
            expectations out into the quantum field (or what I like to call
            the field of potentiality, the FP) and bring back into our lives   The way I see it, there are just two things we need to
            an exact vibrational match. Quantum physicists have proven   know:
            that it’s impossible for us to look at anything without impact-
            ing the thing we’re looking at. It’s called the observer effect,   1.    The universe has our back.
            and while it wreaks havoc on everything we thought we knew,   2.    Everything is going to turn out okay.

              Spiritual Services with                            That’s 12 freaking words. Everything else is just a big ruse
                                                                 that we, in our misguided thoughts, sent scouts out to retrieve
              Laura Beers       Shift your Mind,                 from the field of infinite potentiality.
                               Enlighten your Body
                               & Connect your Spirit             Anyone who has ever donned a pair of Spanx understands the
                                                                 reality of Worldview 1.0. We have squeezed our big, beauti-
                                Psychic Medium,                  ful selves—our radiant, multidimensional spirits— into a tight,
                              Motivational Speaker,              often-uncomfortable garment known as a body.
                             Spiritual Certified Coach,
                                Ordained Minister                As babies, we tune in to the adults around us. We see what
                             In Person, Phone, Skype, Groups, will travel  they’re drawn to. We notice how they behave, what they re-
                                                                 ject, and what they praise. We learn early on what is “beauti-
                              321-751-4766 By appointment
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