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To welcome                                             2401 N. Harbor City Blvd
                               all people                                                       Melbourne, FL 32935
                                  and                                                          321.254.0313
                              our oneness                                               SUNDAY Services
                                with God                                                9:30 and 11:00am
                                  Rev.                                                    Sunday school at 11:00am
                                Beth Head                                                  Child care both services
                              welcomes you      A Positive Path For Spiritual Living
                                 Sunday April 1st    Sunday, April 15th 12:30 pm Bridge to Free-
                                 April 1st Easter   dom Workshop: How to Let Go and Let God
                                 Sunday Services,   Heal Your life with Mandy Bass
                                 9:30 & 11:00 a.m.  In this experiential workshop you will discover practical
                                 At both services, we will   tools from A Course In Miracles, Ancient Huna and Bud-
            be touched by Mandy Bass’s personal transformation story   dhist traditions (as well as modern neuroscience-based
            “Forgiving the Unforgiveable: My Journey to Wholeness   approaches) to work through fear and cultivate forgive-
            after a Brutal Attack.” At 11:00 a.m. we will have children’s   ness. Suggested love offering $25.
            church and then our youth will enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt,
            Easter games and Easter crafts.       2nd Annual Earth Day Expo Saturday,
                                                  April 21, 2018, 10am - 4pm
            Saturday April 7th 9:00am - noon                      Come learn about some
            Workshop: “Why in the world would you do              amazing organizations,
            that?” Facilitator:  Valarie Parson                   products and services that
            Haven’t we all asked ourselves that question when we   are helping improve our
            witness behavior that makes us scratch our head? Why do   relationship with the en-
            humans behave in such diverse ways in the same setting?   vironment and the animals we share it with. Informational talks,
            Join Valarie for a fun and engaging look at four basic inter-  demonstrations, an organic farmer's market, Vegan and Organic
            active styles of human behavior. Discover your style, and
            understand the styles of others in your world. The class is   food options, eco-friendly activities, and a drum circle to honor
            based on a book by the same title and written by Valarie's   mother earth!
            corporate leadership trainer, Dave Mitchell. Come on out.
            Connect. Enjoy the fun! Cost is $25.00 with all material   Monday April 23rd 6:30 pm (5 weeks) Class: Absolute Abundance – First Steps
            provided including a self-assessment for each person.  Facilitator: Rev. Beth Head This class focuses on these fundamental concepts: the power of your
                                                  thoughts, the roles of gratitude and giving and the importance of visualizing your life. This class qualifies
            Sunday April 8th 9:30 & 11:00am       as one of the required membership classes.
            "The Power of Understanding People"
            Speaker: Valarie Parson                                   Sunday, April 29 12:30pm Drum Circle with Fred Goodnight
                                                                      Come and find your rhythm and have a great time.
            Tuesday April 10th 9:45am or Wednesday April              No experience necessary. Suggested love offering $10.
            11th 6:30pm 7 week Book Adventure: “Seven
            Pathways to Your Deeper Self” with Maggie                                          Ongoing Events
            Rosche. Discover what it means to be a “modern mys-
            tic” by living the truth you know. Learn what a “mystic” is   First Sunday of the Month - Reiki Healing Service after both Sunday Service
            and identify the mysticism inherent in our Unity Principles             Second Friday Night – Game Night 6:30pm
            and Powers, and in Unity of Melbourne’s unique Vision,                Noon Prayer Service Tuesdays and Thursdays
            Mission, and Values. Discover, in the context of a mature
            Christianity (or any tradition), the God who is “closer to me              Tuesdays – Course In Miracles 7:00pm
            than I am to myself.” See the path of the mystic as within              Wednesdays – Melbourne LGBT AA 6:30pm
            your reach. Grow in compassion for the world, and develop
            a learned capacity to recognize God within ourselves, oth-
            ers, in all things. Suggested love offering $20.
                Join us in a Journey of Spiritual Discovery

                                        Merritt                                               SUNDAY
                                        Island                                               MORNINGS
                                    Sunday Services
                                       10:00 am
                                                                                                Rev. Mark
                                                                  The New Way POD               Pasqualino
             Listen to our Sunday talks online                     The Aquarian Building
                   MINISTER   238 Peachtree St in Cocoa
             4725 N. Courtenay Parkway                Rev. Rose M.   Come find what you’re
             Merritt Island, Florida 32953                   missing
             321-452-2625           Email  321-543-0058
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