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THIS MONTH’S                       WE HAVE TO ASK FOR IT
                                                                 When you’re ready, sincerely ask internally: “Whoever or
                                 THOUGHTS                        Whatever is up there or out there, please bring me some-
                                                                 thing to be intensely interested in and inspired about,
                                     ABOUT                       something to bring new spark into my life. Thank you.” It
                                                                 never fails. Never. And yes, God and the Universe know what
                                                                 your needs are, they know you need a new job, a new what-
                                   THINGS...                     ever but THE REASON YOU ASK is so they know what you are
                                                                 consciously prepared to work on beginning now.
                                 “In the company of one who is living   DON’T THINK OF IT AS PRAYER
            Andrea de Michaelis  Love, you can’t help but spring into   A few friends tell me they don’t believe in prayer or they are
                                 that Love.”  - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
             Publisher in 2016                                   Atheist. That doesn’t matter. Think of it instead as a project.
                                                                 You’re just making a statement out loud of what you most
                                                                 want right now. For the period of time you are doing the proj-
            HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE APRIL HORIZONS.  I          ect, pretend that there is something that is capable of hearing
            sit in my yard in the mornings, in the clearing hidden from   you and leading you to the answer you seek. Don’t call it God,
            passers-by behind the hedges that line my property.  I drink a   don’t call it The Universe. Just pretend there is some mecha-
            Cuban coffee and watch the walkers and bicyclists stream by.   nism in place to guide you to more precise direction and infor-
            I always know when the man behind me wakes up because he   mation when you focus your attention.
            begins coughing. A lot.
                                                                 DON’T START WITH SOMETHING YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN
            DAILY PRACTICE, DEPOSITING INTO THE THOUGHT          If you’re a skeptic, for the first project, don’t say you want a
            FORM BANK His coughing has become such a part of my   million dollars. Your mind is already rebutting that saying
            morning that I count it as part of my daily practice when I   it’s impossible, so that won’t get off the ground. Start with
            hear him to say a prayer and breathe a little deeper for those   something simple such as wanting to resolve a conflict with a
            who can't. I mean, if we're All One, maybe when I'm breath-  loved one or a situation at work.  Guide me to understand-
            ing I'm breathing for everyone. Maybe when I'm being   ing, clarity and resolution. Then go about your day gently
            calm, I'm creating a moment of calmness for everyone. I   bringing the situation to mind a few moments at a time to see
            know that by doing that I'm throwing that thoughtform up into   what changes might be brewing.
            the big Thought-Form Bank in the sky so that anyone who
            wants to feel that can ask for it and they can draw from that   GUIDE ME TO A NEW INTEREST
            bank I deposited into. At the end of each day, I go back thru   Perhaps you want to discover a new interest, a new career
            my day to see what I deposited into everyone’s bank that day.  path.  Guide me to new inspiration. Bring me something I
                                                                 can develop an intense interest in. Then look everywhere
            DO YOU FEEL YOUR DREAMS HAVE BEEN DASHED?            for it. Consider everything you see before you as part of the
            A friend told me her dream has been dashed, she misses her   answer. If this was my answer, how can I decipher it? What
            best friend who passed last year and a physical disability is   does THIS have to do with THAT? Then listen carefully. When
            beginning to make things difficult for her. Doubt and fear of   you begin to look at everything as a metaphor, guidance will
            the unknown has her frozen into inactivity. Sound familiar?   begin to pour in for you.
            These are not horrible happenings, this is the cycle of life.
                                                                 GUIDANCE ISN’T A BIG BOOMING VOICE FROM THE SKY
            THE CURE: FIND A NEW FRIEND, FIND A NEW DREAM        Many times we’re flooded with guidance but we discount it
            Ponder it as long as you feel you need to come to clarity, but   because we think we’re hearing our own thoughts. It can be as
            the answer is find a new dream, find a new best friend, find   subtle as the next thought that comes in your mind. I've been
            new things your body can do to make up for something your   in groups where participants try to top each other and tell
            body may no longer do. The sooner you get on the program   what vivid supernatural experiences they've had. That leaves
            doing that, life will present you with all sorts of opportunities   others who've had more subtle nuances of guidance doubting
            for fun and creative ways to find meaningful activity in your   that they've received anything since it wasn't a big shouting
            life. But you have to discover new things to be excited about.  voice from the sky. Don't get wrapped up in any story that
                                                                 anyone tells you they have experienced, yours can be a whis-
            THE MORE YOU FOCUS, THE STRONGER YOUR SIGNAL         per that you think is your own voice so don't discount whatev-
            Did you ever notice that when there’s been no new person   er comes. Half of them are fibbing and exaggerating anyway.
            or project exciting in your life for awhile and then there is,
            suddenly there’s 2 and 3 and 4 of them? That’s because the   WHY BOTHER WHEN LIFE IS SO MISERABLE?
            more you focus on the good feeling you got from the one, the   A friend is discouraged and says why even bother with so much
            stronger your signal. “Bring me new inspiration.” Asking is   misery in the world? Sure there's a lot of misery in the world
            powerful. When we ask, we will be guided to new inspiration   but there's also a lot of beauty and happiness. If you're able to
            or a new goal, new job, new friend or new muse.      help solve the misery by all means do so.

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