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            This reality that you put so much attention on, and
            that you feel has so much credence, it is so very
            temporary. And you say, "No it isn't, it's not temporary. This
            has been hanging on a long time in my life experience." And we
            say, it's because you keep giving your attention to it; you keep
            renewing your relationship with it in your now. Oh, those are
            the best words you're going to ever hear from us or anyone:
            You keep renewing your relationship with things by your
            attention to them. They cannot go away as long as you are
            aware of them, as long as you have a relationship with them.
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            So the question that you might want to ask yourself is, how can   Laura Beers   Shift your Mind,
            you not give your attention to the things that you don't want            Enlighten your Body
            to keep renewing your relationship with? How do you make                & Connect your Spirit
            things go away? You stop maintaining an active relationship
            with them, which means, first of all, stop talking about it, but         Psychic Medium,
            talking about it isn't what's making it come - it's your attention      Motivational Speaker,
            to it. And there are a lot of things that you give your attention     Spiritual Certified Coach,
            to that you might not be talking about.                                  Ordained Minister
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            We really want you to hear that it's the way you feel. It's
            the way you feel, and it helps right away if you can put the           321-751-4766 By appointment
            word 'temporary' around or with the unwanted things in your        
            experience. Call them temporary.
            But then, you're so smart. Esther says, "Yeah, it's been
            temporary for about twenty years," which means she's not
            making it temporary, she's firming it up; she's making it real;   That's going about it backwards. You are off in the weeds - it's
            she's making it valid. But the most important thing is, she is   not going to happen for you like that. You have to find a way
            renewing it into tomorrow. So what you want to decide is what   to find the emotional center of things. You have to find a way
            you want to give your attention to based upon the way it feels.  to become so general about conditions that the specifics that
                                                                 you've practiced no longer hold you in that faster momentum.
            Most of you are feeling because of conditions. And most   So what we just said to you is, the more general you are on a
            of the world that you know is attempting the impossible,   topic, the less momentum it has. The more specific you are on
            which is controlling conditions. You continue to do the same   a topic, the more momentum it has.
            things because you continue to feel the same way. You have
            to find different ways of looking at things. And so, if you're   There are 6 billion people on this planet.  If you pull out of
            approaching the way you feel by the conditions that are   their influence, what you think is what you live.  When you
            causing the feelings, now you are strapped, you are tied,   really know your connection to Source, the influence of others
            you are bound already, because now you've got to control   is miniscule.  Once you have withdrawn your attention from it,
            conditions which you can't control so that you can have better   you don’t cross paths with it anymore.
            feeling responses to improved conditions.
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