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                                                                 I'M ONLY HURTING MYSELF
                                 THOUGHTS                        Friends have been helping me clear my yard of several years’
                                                                 worth of stacks of branch deadfall. I’d been going around
                                                                 the property cutting hundreds of palmetto fronds and miles
                                     ABOUT                       of grapevine so it can all be taken to the street. It’s been 10
                                                                 years since I cut it back this much but it will grow fast. I’m
                                   THINGS...                     usually pretty good about putting gloves on when I pick up the
                                                                 pruners but last week I didn’t. The next day I realized I have
                                                                 thorn cuts on the tips of each finger of my left hand and OW it
                                 “In the company of one who is living   hurts when I type. I can't pretend I didn't know better, I should
            Andrea de Michaelis  Love, you can’t help but spring into   have put on the gloves when I picked up the pruners.
                                 that Love.”  - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
             Publisher in 2016
                                                                 NO ONE CAN DO ME IN LIKE I CAN DO ME IN
                                                                 Last week was a great example of how I shoot myself in my
                                                                 own foot. It also reminded me how much control I have over
            HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE DECEMBER                    my own experience when I make myself focus. On a crucial
            2017 HORIZONS MAGAZINE. As I sat to write my         busy magazine day, I had a 10am appt that by 11:15 hadn't
            December editorial, I like to recount lessons I've learned the   arrived. Even if they showed up NOW, dominoes had begun to
            previous 30 days. To do that, I scroll down my Facebook wall   fall, other things wouldn't get done on time. I schedule too
            and see what I've been bitchen about and what I might learn   closely sometimes. I KNOW BETTER.  I forget how distracted I
            from it.  Feel free to give input when I'm missing something.   can be waiting for someone to arrive and be gone so I can get
            That's what friends are for. They help us purify our character   back to work. Especially if it's a pal I want to hang with.
            so we can be who we say we are.
                                                                 Yes, they could have called at 10am to give me a heads up.
            ALWAYS ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT                         But if we "expect" people to do the "right" thing, we can keep
            I love it when I do a shout out on Facebook asking for help   ourselves pretty miserable. Easier to accept them as they are
            with a project and I discover local real life friends who can   and cancel if the delay inconveniences. If it doesn't, I need
            help. I'm private about having people come onto my property   to have the discipline to focus on my work whether I'm keep-
            so I'm stoked to discover they are available. Had I not asked,   ing an eye on the clock for someone else or not. The answer,
            I wouldn't have known. Always ask for what you want, always.   which I knew 20 years ago, is to schedule nothing else on
            You never know who around you right now has it available for   final layout week OR make myself stay focused so nothing
            you. Whatever it is.                                 around me disturbs my peace. The easiest answer, of course,
                                                                 is not always the easiest to do.
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