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                                                                            Visit our new sacred space at:
                                                                            780 West New Haven Avenue

                                                                                       Melbourne, FL 32901

                   Open 7 days
             Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm
               Sundays Noon to 5pm
               extended holiday hours        Enchanted Gifts for the Mind, Body and Soul

                                        Celebrating 21Years inBusiness

                                                           Join us for
                                                      an intimate evening
                                                    of candlelight shopping.
                                                   Oering gemstone infused
                                                  water and wine on Saturday
                                                  evenings through Christmas!

             Crystals, gemstones, jewelry, salt lamps, drums, didgeridoos, singing bowls,  321-952-6789
             An expanded selection of items to enhance your Spiritual Journey including:

             books, tarot, CD’s, candles, incense, oils, herbs, sage, divination tools, statuary,   Located just 1.7 miles west of
             altar items, men & women’s world clothing, belly dance accessories, henna,   Downtown Melbourne & less
             tapestries, peace-promoting items, faeries & much more!                      than a mile east of the mall
                        Follow us on Facebook                                          Psychic Readings with
                        to get updated information                                   Kathryn Flanagan or Yvette
                         Friday, Saturday, & some Sundays
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