March 2017

Welcome to the March 2017 Horizons. Spring has sprung! I love the cover art this month. It’s by Robyn Bellospirito and it’s entitled Primavera, baby!

The past month I’ve been doing mega spring cleaning. It feels like a fresh start. And I’m willing to give Trump a fresh start as well. I’ve had a few realizations and revelations about him. It just clicked for me why DT supporters don’t mind that he’s untruthful. It’s because they honestly believe that no matter what he does, it’s better than a Clinton presidency, period. I didn’t understand it before and now I do. I don’t have to agree with it, but understanding it helps me understand those who think like that. If you accept the premise, the logic follows. 

If you’d been told all your life that bunnies would hunt you down to attack and kill you and rape your mother and children, you’d grow up afraid of them, and wanting to get them before they got you, right? You wouldn’t want them in charge of anything, right?

If a person spent the entirety of their life inside of a pitch dark cave being told every day that the sun was a source of evil, how would they feel after being dragged into daylight? Fear isn’t something that appears overnight… It’s all about perception.

When I was about 8 years old, we went to visit some cousins we’d never met. We grew up in the city but they lived out on a remote country road in a ramshackely farmhouse. There were 6 of us playing in the yard at the end of the day and the oldest (about 16) began to tell a story. There was an old woman, legend has it, who was killed walking home from the market at sundown. Her ghost still haunts the road to this day. He and his brothers told stories of people who’d encountered her and the tattered yellow dress she wore with long blue mens’ sweater and men’s work boots, carrying her groceries in a big potato sack. As they spoke, I noticed a stooped figure walking toward us, way down the road. I saw her clear as day, yellow dress, blue sweater, boots, potato sack. The cousins couldn’t see her, they said, but my brother and I did! The closer she came the more afraid I got, since the story was that she came back with a butcher knife to get revenge. She did keep looking in the potato sack, probably checking her knife.

By the time she got 100 feet away I was frantic, crying and afraid, knowing we were all about to be murdered. Thankfully my mom ran out of the house to save me! But instead she walked over and took the potato sack from the killer ghost woman. WTH?? Of course, there as no killer ghost, the woman was merely their grandmother who was walking home from the market as she did every sundown.

Except I wasn’t told, “My grandma visits every sundown.” No, my cousins had carefully set the scene so that when I saw the old woman on the road, I’d think she was the killer ghost of the “legend” they just told me. Had they said nothing, I’d have thought I was watching an old woman walk on the road. But since their advance story was that a killer ghost roamed the road at sundown, that is what I saw.

So if you’d been told all your life that bunnies would hunt you down to attack and kill your children, you’d grow up wanting to get them before they got you, right? And that’s all Trump is doing, trying to protect us from the bunnies he perceives are out there after us.

What we want is someone with our interests at heart, someone we can trust. Someone who will take the job seriously, show strength and do what was promised. He still has time to turn it all around, to educate himself, to jump into the job, surround himself with educated advisors, to do good work. Accountability and responsibility change people. It can cause realizations and awakenings. Someone who is very emotionally reactive is undergoing the deep work of integrating their personality with their soul. Like it or not, if you’re being triggered by him, he’s been placed here for you to do some soul work of your own.

I’ve had several realizations. One is that while I support the efforts of those who march and protest, that is not my way. I’ve been made aware of how many stand ready to do the work of marching and protesting and gathering facts and getting those facts into the proper hands for review. I’ve been made aware that existing policies and laws could use revision. I’ve been made aware there are people working on that. I’m happy to see that people who think injustice is being done are acting quickly to remedy it. Bless the helpers!

I’ve been having hopeful visions. I’m seeing a method to the madness. We are learning a lot. If he’s doing something wrong, he’ll be stopped. My feeling is he is President until he is not and he can do what he wants, until he can’t. It will take more than one election cycle to resolve this. But no matter what chaos is going on around us, there are happier areas of our life we can choose to focus our attention on.

And there’s still time for him to turn it all around, to be a strong, conscious leader and become beloved by the people. I’m hopeful, despite how he’s handling things right now. Right now he’s hypnotized. Give him time. Don’t take score too soon. Hold the vision of his awakening.

WHAT I CAN DO is live my life with integrity and don’t let my happiness depend on what anyone says or doesn’t say and do. We can get to know our neighbors, we can smile at those we stand in line at the market with. We can recognize that we’ve come a long way baby and we’ll make it thru this as well.

Good things fall apart so better things can fall together but there’s a trick to that

When good things are falling apart, you have to look at them and remind yourself they are falling apart to make room for something better. Then look everywhere for evidence of that “something better.”

If good things fall apart and you start thinking it will only get worse, if you start collecting evidence of that, well, we always find what we look for. So when your world starts crumbling around you, that is merely past momentum catching up with you and making a clean sweep. Then get excited that good things are on the way and better times are to be had. Look for evidence of that everywhere. The best is yet to be.

Why do I bother writing things to make people feel more hopeful about their future in this current climate? Because it is only the ones who are hopeful who will attract thoughts and ideas that help us move easily through the changes.

When people trigger us to an emotional response

There’s a 90 second chemical process that happens in the body and then after that, any remaining emotional response is just the person choosing to stay in that emotional loop. “When you stay stuck in an emotional response, you’re choosing it by choosing to continue thinking the same thoughts that retrigger it. “ — > It’s the power of choice.
Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Enjoy our offering this month.
Hari Om.