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Calendar $.50 per word.           page 18
                 Phone Directory $5 per line       pages 22-25             12 Steps of
            DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES                               Spiritual Freedom

             Ad size                 1 month     3 months               6 months   12 months
             Small Strip Ad        $ 50   $120      $180      $300                 By Rev.  Tom Sannar
             Business card      $ 75    $210      $390           Email
             1/4 page              $225   $540      $960
             1/3 page           $240   $600      $1110            1.   Recognition - God Is First.   I recognize that there
             1/2 page           $350   $900      $1560
                                                                  is an Infinite Power and Presence greater than I am.   This
             Full page          $485      $1275       $2250       Presence is on purpose and knows the answers to all of my
             Back page     $625   $565           $475 Unavailable  questions and has the ability and the willingness to fulfill all
             Inside back     $525   $1395        $2400            of my desires.
             Inside front   $550     $1455       $2550
             Page 3          $550      $1455      $2550
             Page 4        $450   $1200          $2100            2.   Unification.     I unify my consciousness with the
             Front cover    $900 (Restrictions apply)             consciousness of God.   I am willing in total faith and trust to
                                                                  allow Spirit to guide me and direct me in my daily affairs.
             As of Feb 2016 all pages are color, so above prices have been adjusted to reflect color
              prices.  Ad rates posted before Feb 2016 said “Add 25% for color” so no more math.
                           *You must prepay to get discount       3.   Willingness To Change.   I am willing to assess my life,
                           Example: Small strip ad for 6 months is $180 prepaid  to honestly look at and face all my fears.
                    Full page ad for 6 months is $1,800 prepaid
                    Broken contracts receive full advertising credit  4.   Dominion.   I take dominion and responsibility for my
                                                                  life.    I give up blame and  judgment.   I accept myself and all
                 Since 1992, distributed monthly to 200+          others.
                bookstores and health food stores all over        5.   I  Live On Principle.    I know that I am a Spiritual
                Florida, as well as  by private subscription.     Being.   I live my life with honesty and integrity.
                 See pages 22-25 to see where to pick up
                          HORIZONS MAGAZINE.                      6.   I  Live On Purpose.     I am willing to commit to the
                                                                  process of purposeful living.   As I discover my purpose and
               For good advertising results, studies show         live it with courage, I am transformed.
               it takes a reader 3-4 times seeing a new ad
                    before it is noticed and acted on.            7.   Forgiveness.    I forgive myself for any past mistakes
                   By the 4th ad, readers begin to call.          and I forgive all others who I think have harmed me.
                 Payment is due by the 10th                       8.   Positively Present.     I maintain a positive attitude,
                                                                  regardless of what is occurring in my life.   I  know that
                            with your ad                          behind every seeming crisis, there is opportunity for good.

                      DISPLAY AD SIZES                            9.   Persistence.    I persist through faith.   I maintain focus
                                                                  and discipline.
              Full page ad is 7.25” wide by 9.5” tall
              1/2 page 4.25” tall by 7.25” wide or 9” tall by 3.5” wide  10.  Service.    I know that the floodgates of opportunity
              1/3 page 2.8” tall by 7.25” wide or 9” tall by  2.3” wide  open wide by my giving myself in unconditional service to
              1/4 page 4.25” tall by 3.5” wide or 2” tall by 7.25 wide  others.
              Business card ad is 2” by 3.5”
              Small strip ad is 1” x 3.5”                         11.  Gratitude.     I am
                                                                   grateful for my life and all
                        We accept all credit cards                aspects of my life.  I see all
                            and PayPal online                     people as the goodness of
                 Email                   Spirit in form.
                                                                  12.  Tithing.    I come to
                 321-750-3375 cell/text                           understand and embody the
                                                                  principle of tithing, so that
                         Mail ad with payment to                  I freely and unconditionally
                         HORIZONS MAGAZINE                        give one tenth of my time, my  You are loved and
                          575 Escarole Street SE                   treasure, and my talent to my  guided more than
                         Palm Bay, FL 32909-4802                   spiritual source.            you can imagine
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