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Herb Corner

                  The Herb Corner

                  and Learning Center                             Melbourne FL is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with  a Masters
                                                                      Cecelia Avitabile of The Herb Corner and Learning Center in
                                                                    of Herbalism degree and over 20 years of  herbal experience.  A
             More than just herbs and herbal classes               member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the
                                                                   American Herbalist Guild. Visit 321-757-7522
                Certified Master Herbalist &
              Holistic Healthcare Provider on Staff                             CINNAMON
                Hours: Wed-Fri. 10-5, Sat. 11-3
                                                                Most of us know this spice as a form of flavoring in
             277 N. Babcock St., Melbourne                      cooking. For  thousands of  years Cinnamon  has been
                321-757-7522                                    valued for its medicinal properties.    This common spice
                  Our Herbal                                    comes from the reddish brown inner bark of the cinnamon tree.
                                                                All forms  of  Cinnamon  have  health  benefits  even  though  they
                Certification                                   come from different parts of the world.  What you typically find
                                                                in the supermarket is Cassia cinnamomum, it is the common form
                      Course                                    of Cinnamon  it  contains  larger  amounts  of coumarins  (blood-
                                                                thinning agents) so it can be more troublesome if it is taken in
                “Reclaiming                                     large doses especially if you are taking blood thinning medications.
                                                                Studies have shown this form of Cinnamon has greater benefits
                                                                in controlling blood glucose. Ceylon cinnamomum is also called
                 Your Roots”                                    Sri Lanka Cinnamon or “True Cinnamon”, it is lower in coumarins
                                                                and  it  has  a  more  refined  sweeter  taste.  The  problem  with
                                                                Ceylon is it is much harder to find. Cinnamon has been found
                  An in depth study of the healing              to balance  blood sugar; studies  have shown that  using 1-6grm
             properties of herbs from September 2017            of Cinnamon per day has antidiabetic effects on lowering blood
              – November 2017 on alternate Sundays.             sugar by 10-20%. Another study using 1grm of Cinnamon in the
                                                                diet daily helped reduce hemoglobin A1c after 3months of use.
                        Pre registration is required            Within the circulatory system Cinnamon has been associated with
               Cost $325 plus a materials fee of $50 includes   reduced  risk of  heart  disease. It  appears  that  the  constituent
                                                                cinnamaldehye is protective to the whole cardiovascular system
              all printed instruction and materials. A $50 non-  and  cinnamophilin  acts  as a  vasodilator and  it  helps  inhibit
                                                                platelet aggregation.  In animal studies Cinnamon has been shown
               refundable deposit is required for books and     to reduce blood pressure, reduce triglycerides and cholesterol.
             supplies due by May 30th, 2017 with the balance    Its  antioxidant  compounds  along  with  cinnamaldehye  and
              made in thirteen additional installments of $25.    procyanidin help inhibit angiogenesis, this inhibits the formation
              A certificate will be awarded upon completion.    of tumors causing cell death to cancer cells. It works by reducing
                                                                the growth of cancer cells and the formation of blood vessels to
              Call for more info 321-757-7522                   tumor cells. Neurologically the Association for Chemoreception
               As a Master Herbalist I will help to start you “on the road” to   Sciences reported that just the scent of Cinnamon boosts brain
             herbalism.  “Reclaiming Your Roots” provides you with the health-  functions; when their participants smelled or chewed Cinnamon
             promoting herbal skills that have nearly been lost to our “modern”   flavored gum they had improved scores in attention, recognition,
             world.    In 3 months you will learn how to treat non-emergency   memory and  improvement  to visual and  motor  responses,
             health problems, and gain an excellent grounding in the basics:   they found that the two main constituents of Cinnamon block
             teas, tinctures, salves, syrups, compresses.  Classes will include   the  buildup  of  a  protein  in  the  brain  called  “Tau”;  this  is
             herbs for the Digestive, Nervous, Circulatory, Urinary, Respiratory,
             Immune, Muscular & Skeletal systems. Along with healthy choices   important  when  working  with  Alzheimer’s  patients.  Another
             for women, men, children and pets. You will take two nature walks,   study  found  Cinnamon  normalized  and  protected  neurons  and
             one at Turkey Creek, and the other in an herbalist’s garden.   neurotransmitters,  for  people  with  Parkinson’s this  can  help
             Sign up now for the next class.                    improve motor functions.  In  the  digestive  system  Cinnamon
                  Also gifts, jewelry, gemstones, candles,      helps relieve gas, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting; in the urinary
               Himalayan salt lamps, organic skin care soaps    system it helps with the prevention of UTI’s. It also helps relieve
              and cosmetics, glass and plastic bottles, herbal   respiratory tract infections caused by fungus, bacteria or viruses.
                                                                Cinnamaldehye is specific towards the H1N1 (avian flu). Besides
               supplies, organic essential oils and diffusers,   its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties it also has
                         detox foot bath sessions.              anti-inflammatory  and  mucilaginous  properties  these  help  to
                                    relieve a sore or scratchy throat.  Cinnamon is generally safe as
                                                                food or in small amounts however, in large amounts it can irritate
                 for articles, recipes, newsletter              the mouth or lips and it can be toxic to people with pre-existing
                                                                liver problems or on blood thinners.
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