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                                                   Enchanted Gifts  for the Mind, Body and Soul

            Come join us and experience our Rebirth, Grand Opening

                            & Celebration of 20 Years in Business!

            At our new & much larger location:
              780 West New Haven Ave
                Melbourne, FL  32901

                   (formerly Meredith's Bridal)
               Located just 1.7 miles west of
                   Downtown Melbourne
               and 3/4 mile east of the mall.

                                             An expanded selection
                                               of items to enhance
                                             your  Spiritual Journey
                                               Additional space for
                                              Workshops, Classes,
                 We are excited to share        Psychic Readings
                  our new Sacred Space              and More!
                  with all of you and we
                 have faith “If we build it ~      Readings
                     you will come!”        Every Friday, Saturday,
                                                Some Sundays          Our Enchanted Gifts include: Crystals, gemstones, jewelry, salt
                                               321-952-6789            lamps, drums, didgeridoos, singing bowls, books, tarot, CDs,
                     Follow us on Facebook
                     to get updated information                      candles, incense, oils, herbs, sage, divination tools, statuary, altar
             items, men & women’s world clothing, belly dance accessories,
                                                                      henna, tapestries, peace-promoting items, faeries & much more!
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