January 2017

Welcome to the January 2017 issue of Horizons Magazine. Don’t you love/hate it when you get a chance to practice faith and trust what you know about law of attraction? A friend and spiritual teacher writes: “Beyond frustrated. Everything current and future life—work & class files, all emails, passwords, new job sites, rental places… All wiped clean. Like they never existed. Not in a cloud. Not on a server. Poof like my life for the last 6 months never happened. The feeling of helplessness & frustration is real.”

I know how she feels. My website and backup files were hacked several years ago and was down for months while my brother recreated it. At first I flipped out, but the fact was there were a lot of things on the old site that were no longer current or even relevant. Computer tech friends told me my website could not be restored. My brother warned me he might not be successful. I understood their concern was based on their own past experience. But my past experience is that things always work out for me. My past experience is that I don’t need to know the details of how something is going to work out. I just need to have faith that it will. And it somehow always miraculously does. Out of 3,977 pages I only had to redo 108 that dropped off.

When it happened, I was forced to rethink who I was and what I was doing. I received valuable insights and lessons I would not have learned otherwise. We’ve all had those situations in life that at first seemed to be negative or unpleasant but later turned out to be a gift or a blessing in disguise. It’s hard to see — when we’re in the midst of upheaval — the good and the fresh beginning that will come on the other side of it once the slate is wiped clean, whether by our choice or not. In the midst of crisis, it helps me to ask myself the question, Why is this happening FOR me? rather than why is this happening TO me?

It’s not always easy to remember that whatever situation I’m in, I’ve gotten there by being a vibrational match to it. It’s not always easy to see how that can be. The only way I can get out of it is to change my thoughts about what I’m living and what I’m seeing. You, too.  I’ve made up a list to read when I begin to doubt. I read this whenever I am having continuing thoughts that I want to replace with better feeling thoughts. This is one set of replacement thoughts I use. I read it over to myself until I realize that what it says is true.


I know I am in charge of my own wellbeing.

I know that what comes to me is a result of how I think about life and how I react to it.

It helps me stay focused on the good that is happening in my Now if I do not watch the news or listen to other’s people’s complaints and worries and theories and opinions.

I know that I do not need to attract more good into my life, I merely need to release my resistance to the good that is already available to me.

I know that I release resistance whenever I do something that is purely fun and enjoyable to me, when I do something that makes me be in the Now, that lets me be happy and lose time in the doing of it. For me that can be gardening, sewing, sketching, painting, woodworking. Something that requires my complete and focused attention yet is fun and fulfilling.

I know that anytime I look for the positive aspects in any situation, I find them.

I know anytime I sit and make a list of the people I love and the things I appreciate, something in me switches on and I feel better.

I know when I feel better, I suddenly see all sorts of opportunity around me that I didn’t notice before.

When I see more opportunity available to me, I feel excited about the possibilities.

When I feel excited about the possibilities, Life expands around me and good things begin happening.
When I feel happy and excited, I know that’s the time for effective creative visualization, and I begin running the best case scenario “what ifs” through my imagination.

When you use self-talk to remind yourself that you have access to inner guidance that can lead you in the right direction for all decisions, you become very powerful. When you tell yourself that, your mind starts looking for evidence of it and attracting guidance and inspiration to you. And unless you drown out that inner guidance by having your attention on say tv or radio or news reports, you’ll be inspired to action that can change your world — right now, right where you are — for the better.


If you spend 51% of your time looking at everything that is going wrong with the world, and everyone that is pissing you off, you can’t be attracting anything else. Just for one day cut the criticism and pessimism and think of all the happy things that ever happened to you, you’ll spend a few minutes vibing in a higher and happier place. And those minutes will lead to more minutes of happier thoughts and you’ll attract even more happier thoughts. Let THAT begin your snowball of thoughts for the morning and your world can change by tomorrow. Trust that you have the power to make it even in challenging times. The state of the economy does not determine your experience. Your conscious thought, expectation and belief does. Trust that you can attract helpful thoughts that inspire you to action. Soon enough you’ll have evidence and your belief will change.

“I imagine Trump won’t affect me one way or another.” A FB friend asked, “Don’t you feel him stopping EPA laws affects everyone? We all live on a planet that is being affected by global warming and he doesn’t believe in it.” What I meant was I do my best to live my life making the most of every moment I encounter no matter what is in that moment. And so far it’s been my experience that when I do that I’m led to happier and more peaceful and more abundant circumstances then I would have otherwise found myself in had I been focused on a lot of details of the world.

I saw a headline about the Trump/KKK connection and laughed out loud. Laughed? Everyone hating on him is giving him power. I find myself laughing at it because it shocks me into the *BAM* awareness that *everything* is an illusion and that soon enough I’ll be awake and aware in a new incarnation elsewhere before this one becomes unbearable.

In the meantime I’m empowered knowing that EVERYthing I see is an illusion since I also know I’M the one who determines the tone of the people and situations I come in contact with. I determine who and what comes to me by virtue of where I place my thoughts on a daily, hourly, moment by moment basis.

Since the collective consciousness was so focused on Trump — for better AND worst — it gave him the power — the fuel supplied by OUR emotional reaction to him — to be where he is now.

But where he is now is pliable, mind you, and there’s still time to reroute what’s on the way. To do that we have to defuse the anger we feel each time we see ignorance in action. We have to find humor in it at least long enough to lift our emotions up off the anger to a higher place, a place that feels better, so we can attract a different experience.

Because until we can look at stuff like the KKK and Trump and feel better, we are going to keep giving him power. And like gravity, it is working whether you believe in it or not. So, for the sake of mankind, lighten up. You are always just one decision away from a completely different life.

Enjoy our offering this month. Hari Om.