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                                           LET GO OF THESE RIDICULOUS
                                                NOTIONS ABOUT MONEY

                                 Pam Grout is the author of 16 books, three plays, a television series, and two iPhone apps. She writes for People
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                                 The world is a magical place.   Here are a few of the bald-faced premises upon which the
                                 What we’ve been offered so      official dogma of the Western world is built:
                                 far is anything but. Let’s start
                                 with our current economic system.   1. THAT WE FACE AN INDIFFERENT UNIVERSE.
            It’s made up. It’s a random agreement we’ve all agreed to par-
            ticipate in. But it’s not real. It was designed by the reptilian   Every thing we do, everything we believe, is predicated on the
            part of our brain, the part that’s scared, the part that hollers,   idea that we live in an indifferent and sometimes even antago-
            Danger! Watch out! Protect yourself!                 nistic universe. To be successful, we think we must bend it to
                                                                 our will. Exert control, use discipline. To believe the universe
            It’s based on artificial lack and rampant, un-       might know what it’s doing, to think it might actually love us
            satisfying consumerism. It can never give us                       and have a plan for our lives, is antithetical
            what we really want. One of its key tenets,   WHEN WE BREAK FREE   to every lesson economists teach.
            in fact, is to encourage us to seek things we   FROM OUR CHAINS,
            already have. To keep the economy grow-  WE SEE CLEARLY THAT       Is it really just a chance coincidence of
            ing—the holy grail, according to the current   THE WORLD IS WILDLY   random molecules that we are conscious
            paradigm—we’ve been forced to monetize all   ABUNDANT, THAT        and breathing and listening to Israel
            the gifts we were given coming in . . . things   THE UNIVERSE IS NOT   Kamakawiwo‘ole play “Over the Rainbow”
            like health, water, entertainment, food.  ONLY A CO-CREATIVE       on a ukulele?
                                                                               Once you get on the joy and gratitude fre-
            Even self-help books promote the very peace   FORCE, BUT IT’S OUR   quency, you come to see that the universe
            and well-being you already have—or did, be-  STRONGEST ALLY        is not only a co-creative force, but it’s your
            fore we laid our economic story on top of it.                      strongest ally.
            Until our financial paradigms got all up in Mother Nature’s   2. THAT THERE’S SCARCITY AND LACK.
            face, we were gifted with everything we could ever need.
                                                                 The current economic system touts insufficiency and promotes
            When you build anything, particularly an economic system, on   the preposterous notion that important things are missing in
            faulty information, it should come as no surprise when it fails   your life.
            to satisfy.
                                                                 Once it supplied all your basic needs (food and shelter, both of
                                                                 which were originally provided for free by Mother Nature), it
                                                                 was forced to come up with fake stuff to sell you—things like
                                                                 deodorant, plastic banana slicers, dancing Santa decorations,
              Spiritual Services with                            and other things that don’t serve human happiness. In many
              Laura Beers       Shift your Mind,                 ways, the economy Adam Smith helped create is little more
                               Enlighten your Body               than a government-sponsored pyramid scheme.
                               & Connect your Spirit
                                                                 The assumption of scarcity is one of the central axioms of eco-
                                Psychic Medium,                  nomics. It’s regarded as objective truth. However, like most
                              Motivational Speaker,              “objective truths,” it’s nothing but a projection.
                             Spiritual Certified Coach,
                                Ordained Minister                Like the people watching shadows in Plato’s cave, when we
                             In Person, Phone, Skype, Groups, will travel  break free from our chains, we can see very clearly that the
                                                                 world is wildly abundant.
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