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Herb Corner

                                                                      Cecelia Avitabile of The Herb Corner and Learning Center in
                                                                 Melbourne FL is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with  a Masters
                                                                   of Herbalism degree and over 20 years of  herbal experience.  A
                                                                   member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the
                                                                   American Herbalist Guild. Visit 321-757-7522
                                                                       Fighting Inflammation

                                                                                With Herbs

                                                                 Inflammation is one way the body reacts when it
               Take Control of Your Health With                  feels there is a threat from an injury, illness, poor lifestyle
             Herbs - Mankind’s Oldest Medicine                   or dietary choices. When we experience an injury or illness,
                 Herbs have been used as a standard practice     the body responds by releasing white-blood-cells and anti-
             of complementary health-care for  thousands  of     inflammatory chemicals to correct the situation. If we ignore
             years. History has accumulated a vast knowledge     inflammation and let it go untreated for long periods of time,
             of healing with plants providing us with a huge vari-  it can lead to bigger degenerative conditions like arthritis, IBS,
             ety of healing options.                             or cardiovascular. Pain, heat, swelling, redness and loss of
                 There are over 750,000 plants on the planet     function are symptoms of inflammation. When these things
             Earth and they all contain chemical  compounds      happen, your body responds with cyclo-oxygenase 2(CoX2)
             that can be converted into hormones, vitamins and   turning arachidonic acid (a stored fat) into prostaglandins
             minerals that address the root cause of the condi-  inflaming the area causing pain. When you take an anti-
             tion, not just the symptoms. They work like preci-  inflammatory medication like aspirin, NSAIDS or ibuprofen
             sion instruments providing over-all support for the  you temporarily turn off CoX2 and block the pain. In the
                                                                 plant world there are many herbs that can be used to
             body. The Herb Corner carries all your herbal needs  combat inflammation, lessening inflammation by controlling
             and all herbs are 100% organic.
                                                                 production of prostaglandins. Turmeric has been used for
               Master Herbalist & Certified Nutritional Consultant on Staff  thousands of years for inflammation, infections and digestive
                                                                 disorders. Its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties
                                                                 come from curcuminoids and other beneficial compounds
             We Sell More Than Just Herbs!                       which work together to block the pro-inflammatory molecules.
                                                                 Studies have found this herb works equal to NSAID’s and
             Unique Jewelry- Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets,        ibuprofen. White Willow is another herb historically used for
             Earrings, , Raw and Tumbled Gemstones,              the reduction of pain and inflammation. It contains salicin the
             Gemstone Animals, Eggs & Spheres, Salt Lamps in     active component of aspirin. Studies have found that Ginger
             various sizes and shapes, Sage,  Candles, multi-    and Cayenne fight inflammation by blocking the production
             colored LED lightboxes,, Lip Balms,                 of prostaglandins and the enzyme CoX2. German researchers
             Headache Sticks, Bar & Liquid                       found the acids in Boswellia can deter inflammation by
             Soaps, Salves, food-grade Essential                 suppressing the enzymes that lead to pain and chronic
             Oils, Unique Tea Diffusers, Tea Pots                inflammation disorders in the body such as arthritis, digestive
             & Oriental Mugs, Herbal Tumblers                    disorders, colitis, Chrons or respiratory conditions like asthma.
                                                                 The phenolic compounds and piperine in Black Pepper are
             and much, much more!!!
                                                                 what give it the ability to reduce inflammation. It can be
                                                                 used along with Turmeric for extra benefit, but for some
               Specializing In All Natural Products              it can increase stomach upset. Two familiar spices Fennel
                                                                 and Clove also possess anti-inflammatory properties which
                    The Herb Corner                              can be beneficial for many areas in the body. Besides being
                                                                 anti-inflammatory they are also analgesic and antispasmodic
                          and Learning Center                    which also provide relief from pain. Licorice (not the candy)
                                                                 contains natural analgesic and anesthetic constituents working
                                                                 like cortisone medications. Just be aware that for some
                         Hours: Wed-Fri. 10-5, Sat. 11-3         Licorice can raise blood pressure. Burdock and Dandelion
                277 N. Babcock St., Melbourne * 321-757-7522     fight inflammation by encouraging the liver to remove toxic
                                                                 inflammatory debris from the body. They also contain essential
                                     fatty acids, sterols, tannins and other compounds that
                                                                 suppress inflammation. These are just a few examples of herbs
                                                                 that help reduce inflammation, there are more that can be
                                                                 used alone or in combination to specifically meet your needs.
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