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THIS MONTH’S                     My phone was gone. As the mist burned off, I saw another fallen
                                                               cyclist, who got up and walked over with a limp.  Then I realized
                                 THOUGHTS                      (1) I was dreaming and
                                                               (2) they likely were dead since they were coming one after an-
                                     ABOUT                     other from similar cause/location of death. But I know how that
                                                               works. Often when you begin talking to one (deceased person in
                                   THINGS...                   spirit,) you're sending out a signal to anyone on that channel that
                                                               a line is open so they come one after another, kind of like stand-
                                                               ing in line waiting their turn to use the phone. I have no doubt
                                                               these are real people and may be the topic of upcoming reading
                                 “In the company of one who is living   sessions. Research later told me there were 3 motorcycle acci-
            Andrea de Michaelis  Love, you can’t help but spring into   dents at that corner in real life.
                                 that Love.”  - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
             Publisher in 2016
                                                               Of course, when I say real people, do I mean their ghosts came
            HELLO AND  WELCOME  TO THE MAY  2018               to me in a dream? Some might might call it a ghost, I think of it
            HORIZONS MAGAZINE. I had a good reminder recently   as an etheric imprint, a data bank. I know that upon death the
            about seeing things clearly, in the light of day. It began with a   soul continues away from the body and onto its next assignment.
            vivid dream. In the dream I was on a walk in my neighborhood   The vestiges that remain, which we identify as our passed loved
            and came upon a fallen motorcyclist. I helped him up. He was   ones, can be thought of as an astral data bank, which knows
            disoriented. I said let's move your bike out of the road. He   everything that they knew while they were alive. That's why
            asked am I dead? I said you don't appear to be. There was   "they" can tell you were the keys are and bring to mind thoughts
            a lot of mist and we were under a streetlight so the light was   of comfort. Our thoughts and memories and prayers go out and
            diffused and really bright for a distance. I got turned around   connect and enrich the soul they are attached to, lifetime after
            and didn't know which way we were walking and didn't see a   lifetime.
            street sign. He said help me retrace my steps for the keys.
                                                               And in some of these lifetimes we recognize each other. Some-
            We went back toward the light and again as we approached   times it’s foggy at first, as in a mist or a dream, but it becomes
            the streetlamp we saw another fallen motorcyclist in the   clearer as we come to know each other. That’s happened to us,
            road next to the first bike. He was dazed. He left his bike   you and I, here thru the magazine. I always do my best to see as
            where it fell. They did not appear to notice each other. He   well as I can with whatever light there is available.
            couldn't find his phone to call her, I read his thoughts, she
            was pregnant, he didn't want her to worry that he'd be late.              ...continued on page 29...
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