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Brooke Medicine Eagle

                                                                           is coming to

                                                                        Sarasota, FL

                                                                    Our Sarasota community will have
                                                                     three opportunities to work with
                                                                       Brooke Medicine Eagle
                                                                                  author of the
                                                                          internationally acclaimed
                                                                 BUFFALO WOMAN COMES SINGING and
                                                                          THE LAST GHOST DANCE

                                                                       Join this legendary
                                                                    Earthkeeper, Visionary,
                                                                      Shaman, Healer and
                                                                      Wisdom Teacher for:

                                                                   •  Individual Healing

                                                                   • A Community Workshop
                                                                   • A Women’s Retreat Weekend

                   On January 31 and February 1
               Brooke will offer three different styles of
              Individual Healing Sessions and Mentorship

                      On February 1 from 7-9pm
              Brooke will offer Walk The Path With Heart
                            Community Workshop

                      On February 2 and 3, 2019
             Brooke will offer Women’s Retreat Weekend
                   Women of Beauty, Women of Power

                     For locations, info and to register
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