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To inspire                                          2401 N. Harbor City Blvd
                                  spiritual                                                     Melbourne, FL 32935
                                  growth                                                       321.254.0313
                                 conscious                                              SUNDAY Services
                                   living                                               9:30 and 11:00am
                                   Rev.                                                   Sunday school at 11:00am
                                  Valarie         A Positive Path For Spiritual Living     Child care both services

            Sunday, March 3rd 9:30 and 11:00am
            I AM LIGHT Speaker: Rev. Valarie Parson
            Within every individual there is a spark of divinity waiting to burst forth!
            We are made of “good stuff.” We are divine energy, and we are capable
            of raising our vibration, and the vibration of the world around us. Shine
            brightly, and light up the world.
            Sunday, March 3 rd 1:00pm – 3:00pm
            UNITY’S 5 STEP PRAYER PROCESS WITH THE LABYRINTH          Sunday, March 31 st 9:30 and 11:00am
            Workshop Facilitator: Rev. Randy Fillmore                 THIS IS ME! Speaker: Rev. Valarie Parson
            This workshop will teach the prayer process Unity co-founder, Myrtle   “When the sharpest words wanna cut me down, I’m gonna send a
            Fillmore, used to cure her tuberculosis and how the methodology can be   flood, gonna drown them out. I am brave. I am bruised. I am who
            used to address any challenge. There will be time to practice in mindful   I’m meant to be. This is me! Look out ‘cause here I come, and I’m
            meditation or in a walk through the labyrinth.            marching out to the beat I drum. I’m not scared to be seen. I make
                                                                      no apologies. This is me.” By Keala Settle from The Greatest
            Sunday, March 10 th 9:30 and 11:00am                      Showman Soundtrack. Need I say more?
            I AM LOVE Speaker: Rev. Valarie Parson
            Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore, said, “[Love] insists that all is good,   ONGOING CLASSES
            and by refusing to see anything but good, [love] causes that that quality
            finally to appear uppermost in itself and in all things.” Join us as we begin   Tuesday, March 5 th 9:45am or Wednesday March 6 th 6:30pm
                                                                      (5 Weeks) FOUNDATIONS OF UNITY: DISCOVER THE TRUTH
            to see ourselves and each other through the eyes of Source Energy. We’ve   WITHIN Facilitator: Maggie Rosche, LUT
            got nothing but love for you!
                                                                      Begin your new year on solid ground!  Explore the foundational
                                                                      concepts of Unity studying two master teachers: Emile Cady’s
            Monday March 11th 7:00pm                                  Lessons In Truth and Eric Butterworth’s Discover The Power
            SOUND HEALING with Vashti Saint Germain and James Trufan  Within.  Learn more about the Truth teacher within each of us by
            Time for Heaven on Earth. Lay back and journey with the hypnotic sounds   contemplating these seminal Unity books.
            of Sacred Grandmother Drum (Rainbow Warrior) and the vibrations of a
            Paiste Symphonic Gong. Between Father Sky and Mother Earth, you will   Sunday, March 24 th 12:30pm (5 Weeks)
            be transported to a new realm of inner peace.             LAWS OF THE SPIRIT Facilitator: Suzette Kachmaryk, LUT
            Sunday, March 17 th 9:30 and 11:00am                      Something missing? Join Suzette in a discussion of the parable of
                                                                      a man and a sage. The Laws of Spirit , by Dan Millman, give you
            I AM CREATIVITY Speaker: Rev. Valarie Parson              the opportunity to expand your perspective and provide leverage
            Creativity is my natural state of being; I am immersed in endless
            possibilities. Come and let your creative juices flow as we experience   to change the course of your life.
            creativity from artists in our spiritual community who will indulge in an   Saturday, March 30 th and April 6 1:00pm – 3:00pm (2 Weeks)
            artistic jam session throughout during the service. Watch them “create” as   DARE TO LEAD Facilitator: Dorothy Zavier
            they are inspired by the music, the message, the meditation and the songs!   Author of the book, Dare to Lead, Brené Brown begs the question:
            This is creativity at its best, and it lives in you, too!
                                                                      “What does it look like when our values, connection, courage,
                                                                      and life purpose are aligned…?” In this two part workshop we will
            Sunday March 17th 12:30-1:30pm                            focus on identifying our personal values and aligning with our core
            EFT TAPPING CIRCLE with: Julie Jacky, Certified EFT Practitioner
            We will uUncover your hidden beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and emotions   principles, and we will learn to rise for ourselves and our spiritual
            that are keeping youus stuck and no longer serving yous, then as a group
            we will tap together and release it. There is great POWER in tapping as a
            group -- each person will experience shifts and leave feeling calm and at   ONGOING EVENTS
            ease. *If you have not tapped before please show up 15 minutes early   Noon Prayer Service Tuesdays and Thursdays
            (at 12:15 PM) to learn the tapping points and experience the constricted
            breathing exercise                                                  Tuesdays – Course In Miracles 7:00pm
                                                                                Wednesdays – Melbourne LBGT AA 6:30pm
            Sunday, March 24 th 9:30 and 11:00am
            I AM FREE AND UNLIMITED Speaker: Rev. Lulu Logan                     Stay tuned… Join us Saturday,
            What a powerful affirmation! It is even more powerful when we believe it!   April 13th for our 3rd Annual
            What would my life be like if I truly believed that I am free and unlimited?   Earth Day Expo 10am – 3pm!
            How would I view the world, and how would the world see me?

              As One, we celebrate a spiritually awakened world
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