What’s the point of it all?

A friend asked what is the point of all of it? She has always been a seeker, reading everything metaphysical, going to conferences and seminars, attending discussion groups. I can only speak for myself. I think the point of all my metaphysical study throughout the decades and involvement with paranormal activity gave me a greater understanding of the world around me and the importance of things. It taught me how to be at peace with whatever was appearing before me. It taught me that I can direct where my life goes by my focused attention, and that includes dollars.

 It taught me that knowing the mechanics of how to do something is different than maintaining steady discipline to keep the machine in motion. It needs daily attention but not to the point of resistance and sometimes it’s just easier to let yourself be at the mercy of the people and circumstances around you and fall into their game, their movie.

 So what’s the endgame? For me it’s about understanding and peace of mind. Before enlightenment, you chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, you chop wood and carry water. But your subjective world, your inner world, is forever expanded.