Stay hopeful

I scroll thru Facebook and see what everyone’s hot topic of the day is, who’s mad about what  STAY HOPEFUL No matter what’s going on around us, we can find a purpose and have a happy fulfilling life right where we are. We can be of value and service right here, right now.  Look at the people around you and make it your daily practice to get along with them. When emotions are high, we can help diffuse tension, we can help ease fears. No matter who’s in office.  Unseen powers are working things out. It’s a good thing when the tower tumbles. All great changes are preceded by chaos. The lightning struck tower card symbolizes a breakdown of the status quo and the opportunity to rebuild again fresh a life that is more relevant to now. The result is always something preferred emerging from the ashes of what was no longer satisfying your soul. Stay hopeful.

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