New Kitty needs to be put down

I need to take New Kitty to be put down.  I can tell he is a very old kitty and he requires a lot of attention.  When I am just sitting, he wants to sit all over me and when I am sleeping he is walking on me and getting his face right in my face.  Then he does the patty paw thing and slobbers. He eats ok, he knows to go out by himself and to come back in, the cats are tolerating him, he sleeps most of the time on the chair in the living room.  He sneezes which makes me think he may have a respiratory bug that I don’t want anyone else to catch.  Mostly though he is a many-times-daily-reminder of Danny Gaude, a longtime friend I’ve known since I was a kid, who passed May 19th.  He was the closest thing to a brother I had until my own brother reappeared suddenly after 37 years in 2003.  I feel the loss acutely and the cat is a reminder.  I have asked several friends if they would like him, but each wants a younger cat to grow up with, and I don’t blame them.   I am conflicted and my heart is heavy.


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