My friend Esther Seymour’s Oct 16-17 Silva Intuition Training Life Changing Seminar in Deland, FL

Esther Seymour and I go waaaaaay  back, decades.  She’s a longtime friend and she’s an excellent and entertaining teacher.  She’s presenting the Silva Intuition Training 2 Day Life Changing Seminar Oct 16 & 17 in Deland FL. Contact Esther Seymour Vogenitz at 386-717-4022.  Email and visit

In the Silva Intuition Training 2 Day Life Changing Seminar You Will Learn
:  To Discover That Droplet of Source Energy, the Spark of GOD Within You – How To Manifest Your Dreams Quickly When You Step INTO the Scene – That the Term ESP is Often Misrepresented. ESP is NOT an Extra Sense, Everyone Has It – To Project Your Sense of Awareness ANYWHERE in the Universe – Psychometry. Learn to Read Objects While Simply Holding Them in Your Hand – Connect to Your Souls Purpose For This Lifetime.  See How Once You Are Doing What You Came Here to Accomplish, and You Know it, How Easy That Path Becomes – Learn, Without a Doubt, That Your Mind is Very Powerful When You Are Able to See, Feel and Sense That You Can Affect Other Life Forms on This Planet Earth – Plant the Seeds of Your Purposeful LIfe to Keep You on the Path You Are Here to Follow!

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