I trick myself into getting work done on time

When will I learn? I take 3 weeks off between the week before Christmas until just after the new year. Then it takes me another week to get back into the swing of working. Which means all the magazine work is crammed into the last two weeks in January. Aaauuugghh! So this year I ALSO AT THE SAME TIME get to do all the arranging for work for making the rental home available for the new resident by end of day Friday. 
— ANYWAY I just realized today I have to get my tax-something signed and sent in with dollars so, to make sure I get it done on time since my desk is filled with subscription lists, magazine labels and rental lease agreements, I set a small tray table in front of the door to the bathroom with the papers, a pen, a highstool and the checkbook so there is no way I will miss getting that done by end of day.
— I know me, I can only pass something 2-3 times without wanting to get it done and out of the way. It helps to know myself so I can trick myself into getting done everything that needs to be done.
— LOL as if any of this busy work I’m doing in this physical body in this physical incarnation/ lifetime really “has to be done” anyway. The wheel will continue to turn whether I’m doing something or doing nothing. So I may as well enjoy it all, everything I’m doing whether it’s a breeze or a pain.